Sample Essays

Another Nightmare
by anonymous
Ranked 7

I take 5 steps into the dark alleyway. Cobwebs cover the walls and rubbish litters the ground.There is no one in sight and nothing to be heard but my footsteps. Then I stop. There it is. There is the thing that gives ...

The Scariest Thing
by Chris
Ranked 7

‘SCCRRAPE’ The car stopped to a halt in front of the tall face guarding the theme park on the inside. Outside there was a long line of people, all with very patient faces. My mum and her friend meet and say hello. My ...

Climbing to the top Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6

Ominous clouds loomed over the jagged mountains, as I slowly progressed my way to the top. Already, one hundred metres up I felt a headache and mix of feelings. I was facing a complicated dilemma about if it was to da...

A Normal Fear Course package
by anonymous2020
Ranked 5

Everyone has a fear. It could be small or big. I have a fear as well, a quite normal one too. It's heights. I hate looking down even when I'm on the playground. I just can't imagine me breaking my legs or even perishi...

The Ghost Writing Club
by Akeek for K
Ranked 4.17

"This is too hard," I complained. I was sitting at my desk, doing some more homework. Just then, I saw one of my books float up then fall to the ground with a thump. Right then, I knew that a ghost was in my house. ...

The clown
by anonymous

I walked through the allyway, as shadows gloomed past me. Cobwebs and spiders attached to the concrete walls, and rubbish everywhere. The only voice you can hear are the footsteps of my feet and the crickets chirping ...

Strange day at school Course package
by grace walker

Today I was on my way to school. I thought nothing could go wrong today until then I saw a shadow flash by a brick wall. That's strange, I told myself. Then I continued walking like nothing happened. Suddenly the sky ...

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