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The United States government must reduce information gathering on citizens Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.1

The United States should not implement surveillance on its citizens. Every person has his or her right to privacy and the government should respect that. There might be information that people would prefer not to be e...

by Neth
Ranked 7.51

The mass surveillance put on everyday citizens is an idea that will never work. This is because the authority to access citizens' data is breaching their privacy and personal information, as well as being ineffective ...

Should mass surveillance on citizens by the government be allowed?
by anonymous
Ranked 6.55

CCTV cameras. We see them scattered everywhere. From restaurants to hospitals to supermarkets and even in our homes. Most of this data is going to private security companies who ensure safety within the CCTV’s vicinit...

Mass surveillance.
by MrX
Ranked 5.9

The government wants to have access to your phone numbers, bank accounts, what you are doing and where you are through smartphones, and this should be allowed. The government will be able to easily catch people in res...

Information Privacy
by Will

Information Privacy is something that matters to the majority of the population. Whether on phones, or any other devices that can store information. Bank accounts have very sensitive information including the addr...

by Thrindu

In the light of a new recent event, in which occured last year, we have seen the gradual increase of a particular problem’s controversy. A couple of months ago, Edward Snowden was in the media and was identified as th...

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