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Buddy Benches are an Effective Way to Help Children Socialise at School
by anonymous
Ranked 7.98

Many students attending school are experienced with harsh bulling which effects the academic and social side of their day. To solve this problem, some schools have implemented a Buddy bench that supports children who ...

buddy benches are pointless by Reedsong
by Reedsong
Ranked 7.71

A new tool some schools seem to be using to encourage students to socialize is a buddy bench, where kids can go and sit on if they need a friend. There has been much fierce debate on whether or not buddy benches are u...

The Buddy Bench Course package
by Amul
Ranked 7.04

Some schools are installing a new resource called the 'Buddy Bench'. The buddy bench gives student an opportunity to connect with their peers. It is useful for those who simply need a friend or someone that can suppor...

Buddy Benches
by UAB
Ranked 6.14

In some schools there is a bench called the 'buddy bench, and the intention of this is for students who have little to no friends or are bullied to be supported by other peers in the community. A 'buddy bench' is de...

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