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Privacy and Fame
by Mario Moreno
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Magazines and news papers constantly make articles about famous artists. This can be seen by some people as a violations to those stories protagonist's privacy. However the lack of privacy or a small amount of it can ...

by Ashuu

We are in internet era where everything will spread very quickly within fraction of seconds by single post through social networking sites. We receive thousands of news headings, about anything anyone anytime, whethe...

Famous and privacity
by BerSilvia

There is no day on wich there is no news about private life of famous people. Journalist of gosspi magazines digged up about their past, in looking for somenting outrageous, outstanding, humillating or just somethin...

by mailliw

In my own opinion, being famous is a choice and it is part of being a famous to become a public figure all throughout, whether personal of public stories of once life this should be accepted and taken in advance p...

by Riad

One of the basic need of a human being is to get some private space so that he/she can spend quality time with the family. In fact, this is necessary to bring work life balance for the individuals who are professional...

by ruwan wilesinghe

celebrities think there's no privacy for them in a public area,because of their famous. my opinion is it is true, especially movie star, and singers even sports stars all of them are famous people so when their in p...

Sample essay for QUESTION 4 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by sunita
by sunita

Now days everyone want to know success story of celebrities and there regular lifestyle. people want to become like them and whatever they are using or their lifestyle want to follow. Celebrities know that people are...

Sample essay for QUESTION 4 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by ramel
by ramel

Sample essay for QUESTION 4 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by Grace Plopinio
by Grace Plopinio

For me privacy is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity or a private individual. Celebrity always say that if your in a lime lights, you lose you privacy and public must know all the things about you...

Celebreties and private lives
by Celso Jr Pagatpatan

Not only professional activities of famous people becomes a regular content of most tabloid but also personal matters about them. This is a concern for privacy. This a reality that every famous person should realize...

Sample essay for QUESTION 4 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by alisher
by alisher

Some people think that the main factors influencing a child’s development these days are things such as television, friends, and music. Others believe that the family still remains more important. Discuss both opin...

Sample essay for by Joseph Karol Alejano
by Joseph Karol Alejano

Celebrities such as film actors and great singers background are usually exposed through media like newspapers and magazine. Peoples believe that this would violates their privacy. I believe as a celebrity, the level ...

Sample essay for by Aljarreau Riza Sy
by Aljarreau Riza Sy

movie stars - jaz z and beyoce level of privacy as evryday peolpe - agree reasons …

Sample essay for by Anima Gurung
by Anima Gurung

Since the celebrities are also human, they should be treated in a normal way as the everyday people are being treated. No matter either they are high post people or low post people , everyone are referred as humans so...

Sample essay for by shahed
by shahed


Sample essay for by Dee Sen
by Exam Success

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