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Should People Be Able To Lend Money
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 8.62

Agree/Disagree: Disagree Stance Sentence: People should not be able to lend money. Argument 1: They might not return the money when you need it. Argument 2: The person who borrowed the money might get used to getti...

by anonymous
Ranked 8.44

Everyday, people are constantly borrowing money from others. Whilst lending people a little bit of money is a nice thing to do, there are many reasons why doing this is a bad idea. People should not be able to lend mo...

Borrowing Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 8.25

It has been constantly debated on whether people should be able to lend money to each other. While it may seem like a kind deed, there are many downsides to borrowing money. People should not be allowed to lend money ...

Course package
by ITN
Ranked 8.05

In recent years the question of whether borrowing should be banned has been a much-debated topic. Many practice the act of lending , but sometimes when money is borrowed it is not repaid, yet nonetheless a ban would d...

Should People Be Able to Lend Money? Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.58

Some people give others money because the person who received it is poor or that the person who received it is their friend. However, many people are saying that people should be stopped doing that as it is a bad idea...

Borrowing Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.5

Lots of people borrow from each other, but often when people borrow from you, its either damaged or never returned it back to you. I do think borrowing should be aloud and should continue its process because everyone ...

Question 42 - Borrowing Course package
by Joe
Ranked 7.5

It is constantly debated whether one should be able to lend wealth to another. People should not be able to lend money to each other because the borrower might get used to borrowing money and the loaner might not rece...

Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.38

There has been a constant debate on whether people should not lend money to others. Yes! People shouldn’t lend others their money as there has been a major amount of scammers who would trick others to get the money an...

People should be allowed to lend money to one another!
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 7.38

Do you think people should be allowed to lend money to one another? Many have a stereotype that people need to keep their own money to themselves. Anyone is allowed to lend money to one another. Lending money mak...

Borrowing Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.26

Borrowing certain items from friends and family takes trust but it is a great way of getting to use things and being able to experience things that are not always available. Borrowing money should definitely be allowe...

Borrowing Money
by anonymous
Ranked 7.11

Borrowing money from friends or acquaintances is a widely discussed topic throughout the world. Although there are pros and cons, in my opinion, the cons heavily outweigh the pros. You may lose some valuable money tha...

by Acedit
Ranked 7.08

Borrowing has many benefits, but lending has more benefits. This is why people should be able to lend money to one another. Firstly, lending money can create opportunities to compete in the job market. For example...

People Should Not be able to Lend Items to One Another
by Harvey
Ranked 6.99

People lend items such as money, stationery, books and more to other people on a daily basis. I believe that this is a way to bond with each other and also a way to assist the one's around you. I disagree with the fac...

Lending money is a kind, caring act. Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 6.71

Lending and borrowing money is an action done by many in the twenty first century. Lending money should not be banned as you can help your friends and family, it also removes an individuals right to lend money because...

by Yuna
Ranked 6.35

Many people have borrowed other people’s money and that has caused an issue. I agree that people should not be allowed to borrow one’s money because money is an important item in life that can help you live. One might...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.11

Sometimes, people lend money to others and it could ruin their friendship. With this, some think that people should not lend money to others. They one borrowing it may ask you for more money or not return it at all. T...

why lending money should still be available
by sid
Ranked 5.27

In my opinion I would disagree that "people should not be able to lend money to one another" because people wont be profitable without lending or borrowing. what I mean by that is everything around us works as busines...

Borrowing Or Lending Money
by Mizuki
Ranked 5.19

People must be allowed to lend money because, the borrower may ask for more money, it’s difficult to ask for the money back and because they might not return the money they had borrowed. Obviously, when people ask ...

Lending and Borrowing Money Should be Banned
by Ravina Panangalage
Ranked 5.03

People should only be allowed to borrow money from those that they trust Course package
by Skyler Bui

Borrowing money is something that many people tend to do for the poor. However, borrowing money should not be allowed because one may not use the money in a good way, and the person’s expectancy of a donation may resu...

Course package
by Bryan

Borrowing is an exchange where one person lends something to another and that person returns it at a later date however sometimes, the borrowed item is never returned or may be returned in a damaged condition leading ...

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