Sample Essays

The frightening encounter
by anonymous
Ranked 8.8

The turtles peacefully swam about, gracefully drifting through the ocean above the colourful coral. Light softly peered through the water’s surface, gently flickering on the jade coloured reptiles. Gradually, the sun ...

An encounter
by anonymous
Ranked 8.4

Hac the turtle swam along in the water, admiring the school of fish passing by him as he propelled himself through the water. Hac was enjoying exploring the depths of the Pacific Ocean as a young turtle. Whales, dolph...

The encounter
by Acedit
Ranked 8.26

The small fish scattered as Shelby swam through the icy water, her flippers pushing her forward at speed. It was the turtle’s first time migrating back to her birth beach on the Queensland coast via the East Austral...

A Plastic Pollution Catastrophe Course package
by tran
Ranked 8.19

Choppy water crashed against the rusty tin boat as Ella finished her fizzy lemonade that she had gotten from her favourite fast food place,McDonald's. Ella was the type of girl who people called adventurous. She didn'...

A kind Fisherman Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 8.06

Fishermen had invaded the turtle's city, hooks were everywhere as turtles got caught in the hooks and struggled to get out. One of the turtles, Shema, saw the mayhem in the city and had started to swim away. She felt ...

An Encounter
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 8.03

Plot: Some people are trying to poach an endangered turtle and Sarah calls the animal protection services to stop them. Paragraph 1: Sarah is walking on the beach at night. Paragraph 2: Sarah sees people with harpoo...

An encounter Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.81

Ripple swam through the deep blue sea along with a shoal of fish, hoping the dense clump of silver scales would hide her leathery skin and shell from hungry predators while supplying all the food she needed. The famil...

Tilly the turtle
by Yuna
Ranked 7.59

The dazzling sunlight shone on the salty sea water as sea creatures raced through the ocean. Tilly, a lime-green turtle emerged from her egg and splashed the water exultantly. She was as free as a bird, and hoped she ...

The Garbage Encounter!
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 7.38

Deep in the waters, lived a hungry turtle. At midnight the turtle was looking for something to subdue its hunger, however it ran into a shiver of sharks. The sight of the sharks gave the turtle's heart a tremble whi...

An Encounter with Plastic Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.37

Where are all the jellyfish? I am a turtle who is looking for food, however I haven’t seen any jellyfish swimming in the ocean yet. My stomach growled as I pushed the seaweed away, seeing if there was a small jellyfis...

The Encounter Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 7.04

James stared intently at the swirling, azure waters, his drenched palms slipping across the protective metal bars. He then I wished that he wasn’t seasick. He was just here for a family cruise, and didn’t expect it to...

Finally Free Course package
by Harvey
Ranked 6.94

Everyone would leave me in despair. They'd tell me that no turtle has ever seen or touched the great softening sand that stretches along the beaches' coasts. All of them would say that every turtle in the aquarium was...

Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 6.92

I drooled in my chair while I was doing my boring and tedious school homework. I took a glance at the hot shining sun. I had never been to a beach before, when there was a beach or paradise vacation advertisement on m...

The Turtle Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.91

The amazingly clear water rippled as I prepared for my dive into the Great Barrier Reef. The tank of air weighed down on my back and my heart began to pound with the force of an earthquake. I started to fantasize of t...

An Encounter
by anonymous
Ranked 6.69

Jack rushed excitedly towards the aquarium, racing his brother. His hands pushed open the door as he ran inside. Jack’s brother came in behind him, followed by his mum. Their footsteps echoed around the aquatic buildi...

by sid
Ranked 6.24

It was around 6 AM on a Saturday morning, Joe opened his eyes as he heard some talk and noise coming from the living room. He stepped out of his bedroom and saw his mother preparing food and his dad was packing the ba...

Lost Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.14

The plane had arrived at the resort, we started collecting our luggage of the plane and go to our rooms. The resort was just gorgeous the sun was shining the sea was calm and the sand was glowing as if it was pur...

The Turtles
by Mizuki
Ranked 6.01

Underneath the deep blue ocean there were many mysterious sea-creatures. Andy was one of the many. He was the ruler of the turtles. The many living creatures, mostly the turtles gazed upon him, admiring every thing he...

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