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Get the edge over your competition (and beat it) by practicing with the most up-to-date writing prompts and thousands of writing examples. New 2020 writing questions from real exams are already waiting for you.

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The Sure Way To Success (That Nobody Talks About)

Success doesn't happen by accident.

The secret lies in strategic and smart preparation - knowing your competitors AND improving your weak points to outperform them.

Exam Success membership resources help diagnose your child's writing weaknesses and predict their exam success in an easy way - by giving you the chance to compare their writing pieces against the competition.

The best part?

You're not just getting a glimpse of the competition.

Exam Success members-only area is the place where your child will:

  • see what other students have written
  • discover essay prompts
  • practice their writing time-management skills
  • and turn weaknesses into strengths.

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6 Ways Exam Success Members Improve Their Writing In Just 4 Weeks

1. Unlimited Writing Practice

Good writing is a skill that everyone can learn, even if writing doesn't come "naturally". The more someone practices their writing, the better it gets (generally). But...

  • Where can you get suitable topics to write on?
  • What does a competitive essay look like?
  • What is my competition writing?

With an Exam Success Membership, you'll get access to hundreds of suitable exam writing prompts, so you'll never have to stress about what to write on.
Each writing topic includes an in-built timer (optimised for grade levels) if you're ready to race against the clock.

2. An Up-To-Date Writing Library

When you’re preparing for a writing test, you need to get strategic with your preparation. Practicing on the topics that reflect your exam difficulty is essential.

There are many free IELTS, creative writing and persuasive writing prompts online. But there’s no way of saying how realistic they are or even who created them.

Exam Success Membership includes only expert-created writing topics for kids organised according to the exams and grade levels.

3. Infinite Writing Ideas & Inspiration

Do you struggle to come up with ideas to write about?

Instead of agonizing over a blank page for hours, you can access thousands of creative writing essays and persuasive writing examples by real students.

Now, you'll never fall short of writing ideas!

4. Tested Formulas For Creating A+ Essays

What separates A+ essays from the average ones? What sneaky mistakes lower the final score, and what makes a story compelling?

Instead of playing guesswork and risking marks, you can see how examiners score writing pieces. With access to expert feedback on essays written by other students, you can learn from others' mistakes and discover tested success formulas to use in your own writing.

5. Skill-Enhancing Bonus Resources

Exam Success members get 1 e-book (valued $17+) monthly for free. Our books are no-fluff, step-by-step guides to improving creative writing essays and persuasive writing skills and include our proprietary strategies as well as A+ creative writing and persuasive writing examples.

6. Eye-Opening Personalized Feedback (For Premium Members Only)

Want to accelerate learning and see instant improvement? Exam Success Membership now includes an option of ordering high-quality personalized video feedback on an writing piece to one of our prompts. See an example here.

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Thousands of students haved ACED their writing tests and achieved their academic goals.

The feedback for my essays was amazing and so valuable, and i could see myself improving from an 'average' to 'superior' very quickly. I would 100% recommend!!!!!! ~ Anoush

...absolutely loves it...the thing is the Exam success really really helped him. Jaze has gotten into [selective school in WA] ~ Sonny, parent of Jaze (2019)

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