Sample Essays

Experiments Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.83

The test tube clinked against the beaker as Josh rose up from his seat, looking down at the three chemical reactions he had made. Carefully, his hands shaking a little with anticipation, he took each test tube out of ...

Play Time in the Science Room
by anonymous
Ranked 7.55

Whenever I see a science room, I'm tempted to enter it. It feels like there's a magnet in the room, pulling myself in. As I walked passed room 8, could feel it grabbing me. I curiously took a peak into the room, and ...

Course package
by Millie
Ranked 6.85

This morning at school, our first subject for the day was science. It was our first science class this year and everyone was pretty excited, I think they were only excited because science is mostly seen as big explosi...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.83

Plan: This is about a girl who is being used as an experiment by a scientist who lost their daughter. [tries to implant memories into the girl's head] P1: The girl wakes up from a procedure, unsure of who she is, is...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.55

The dim translucent light bulb outside flickered incessantly, showering the pathway towards the lab with temporary glows of light. Alex took a silent breath, before stopping at the front door of the laboratory. Slowly...

These are not for playing with
by HELLO11
Ranked 6.52

The happiness of my day didn't last when I saw the devastating news on the television. A new virus has started to infect everybody, it has deadly effects on the world. The unknown virus has began from an old laborator...

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