Sample Essays

The journey Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8

Tom sat on a chair while looking at the large ocean surrounding him. The crew scurried about, working on the ship. He looked closely at a map, checking that they were on the right way towards the place where a navy sh...

A Journey- across the road Course package
by Fish-child
Ranked 8

It was time to finally go. Jas's parents had booked themselves at La Joya for a luxurious spa and had decided, after much pleading, to let her and her brother walk across the street for ice-cream. "Be very careful," ...

Writing Club
by JRRTolkien3
Ranked 8

“Thud!” a noise echoed into my ears as I planted the exotic flower seeds my great aunt had given me. As I glanced into the area beside me, I saw a strange-looking machine, something like the TARDIS from ‘Doctor Who’. ...

The Reunion
by anonymous
Ranked 6

Plan: *Set sad mood *Main character: Emma *Flashback: the primary school reunion *Diary entry: You choose your own journey I slumped down on the chair that faced the window. Outside, torrents of rain drops fell...

by anonymous

I felt the cold air whip against my cheeks and I feel a layer of my already chapped lips peel off. My finger fumbled as i reached for the next rock. The winter air was really starting to get to me. Glancing down i fel...

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