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Wishful Thinking
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 7.74

Plot: Pete catches a magic fish that grants him one wish. Paragraph 1: He is thinking that the world could be a better place. Paragraph 2: Pete goes fishing. Paragraph 3: The fish grants him a wish in exchange to e...

One wish to make the world a better place Course package
by Cooper
Ranked 7.58

Thick, cloudy smoke snaked through the air like a worm slithering in soil. Plastic bottles gently bobbed up and down in the repulsively green water while carbon-dioxide was crammed into my failing lungs, sending repel...

One wish to chane the world...
by anonymous
Ranked 7.08

She gave it to me. Right before she left, she gave me a box. Her cold fingers wrapped around my wrist and her emerald eyes penetrated through me as her words echoed around my ears, "In this box, is one and only one wi...

Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 6.33

If I had just one wish to make the world a better place it would be to get access to an eco-friendly fuel that is just as good as fossil fuels but it doesn't pollute anything. This fuel would probably come from a livi...

One Wish Is All It Takes Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.67

"Brian Scrooge reporting for duty colonel!" announced Brian as he saluted Colonel Bob. "Deputy Officer I called for you because I want you to lead a assault across No-Man's land." Brian responded with the many reason...

I Wish That... Course package
by Carolyn
Ranked 6.39

I really wished that nobody teased me because I was the only girl in the robotics club. Doing robotics is a passion of mine and this world could be a much better place if girls could just do what they want without bei...

There should be more recycle bins Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 6.39

Liam was walking around the school grounds picking up paper. He had been caught talking in class, and got this punishment. He was huffing and puffing, bending down to pick up white specks small and big. Then he rememb...

My Wish for You Course package
by Aimeely
Ranked 6.35

“Your first assignment for the year is to think of a wish you’d like to come true to make the world a better place. Think of one and try to fulfill it.” Miss Lewis smiled at her students. ‘Good luck.’ As the bell rang...

Wishful Thinking Course package
by Oliver
Ranked 6.28

'Attention class! Your homework today, is to write about one wish that could change the world for the better. Remember to bring your homework books to school after the weekend,' the teacher explained. The bell rang lo...

Wish Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.21

Joe had always wished of being a superhero. He wore a table cloth tied at his chest and ran across the room. His cape billowed in the wind as he flew to save yet another victim. His imagination deemed him the 'King of...

Save the Planet
by anonymous
Ranked 6.17

I jumped into the light blue water with a huge splash and waved to my friend Tuffy the turtle. Ever since I moved to the seashore, Tuffy and I have had been great friends. We swam around under the bright sun playing w...

Course package
by Devya
Ranked 6.13

I sat mournfully in the dusty old chair waiting for a fish to come by. I had waited for hours but I had caught no fish. I decided to pack up and head home, when something large tugged on the fishing rope. It was surel...

My three wishes
by Alex.W
Ranked 6.1

There I sat, dumbstruck, magical golden lamp in my very own hands, and a pale genie looking at me in a very strange way, like I just did something very disgusting. "Hello...hello," it whispered in my ear. It waved its...

One Wish
by anonymous
Ranked 5.91

My skin feels warm as a pleasant summer breeze blows from the salty and cool sea. My feet feel the soft and massaging texture of the sand. Tall and magnificent palm trees line the coastline like soldiers guarding a ki...

No bullies Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 4.67

My wish is that there were no bullies and mean people. I wish that everybody was nice to each other. If everybody was nice then no-one will get bullied and feel bad about themselves. There will also be no internet ...

Wishful Thinking
by Mizuki
Ranked 3.55

News reporter : " Sarah what is your one wish to make the world a better place ". Sarah : " One wish to make the world a better place... is to get rid of all the litter and to be green. Pollution such as plastic ba...

Wishful thinking Course package
by anonymous

Writing Club
by Cosmos

Wish: If there was a new substance equally as energy generating as fossil fuels but much much more eco-friendly and the same price. Pros: Global warming will go down and ozone layer can regrow earth would not be all ...

My brilliant wish
by Josh Chatterjee

Poverty is a terrible problem at the moment and as everyone knows you can't live a good life without money. This is why I think my wish that every person in the world who is poor should have a reasonable amount of mo...

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