Sample Essays

The Desert Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.51

Hiking over mounds of sand, I let out a long, low whistle at the stretch of sand spreading out in all directions. I gaped at the distance I still had to walk and sharpened my eyes, trying to focus on the tiny black sp...

by Yuna
Ranked 8.39

Like he did every day, Liam dreamed of feeling the sweltering heat tingle on his skin, while he found new, unique animals in the Sahara Desert. He was going to go there one day, and explore everything in sight. One Ch...

Higher Places
by anonymous
Ranked 8.09

The old vehicle coughed through the road, tyres picking up the red, dust-like sand along the way. Inside it are two friends, Kirra and Jonathan. Although they were friends, they looked more like siblings with the same...

Higher Places
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 8.02

Plot: Adam gets lost in the desert. Paragraph 1: Adam gets lost in a desert. Paragraph 2: He tries to get out of the desert. Paragraph 3: Adam sees a plane flying past. Paragraph 4: He walks to the edge of the des...

One Hard Journey Course package
by ✦•ღ Ultimate3mily ღ•✦
Ranked 7.95

I peer into the distance, realising there is still such a long way to go. I lifted my sleeves up to my shoulder and trudge on. Sweat dripping intensely from all places, I lift my sleeves up to my shoulder. Grabbing m...

Higher Places
by Jeff
Ranked 7.72

It was winter holidays in Queensland. My son Lukas and I were camping at the Moreton Island. It was our first trip together and we were looking to explore not only the island’s beaches but also the dunes in the centra...

Higher Places
by anonymous
Ranked 7.68

All Josh could see was yellow sand that stretched out for miles and miles. Josh’s throat was parched as he stumbled across the sandy wasteland, lost. He had thought the taxis were overpriced and two bottles of water w...

One Hot Adventure
by Harvey
Ranked 7.22

It was a dry piece of land that we had to conquer. My friend and I were required to travel a burning hot desert in order to reach our destination, The Lake of Timari. We were signed up for an investigation project for...

Lost in a Desert Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.1

The vast desert stretched out before Luke's eyes, a sea of sand that lasted forever. At last, he and his brother would be allowed to explore the desert, home to thousands of wildlife which was restricted so that only ...

Trip to the desert! Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 6.91

It was freezing in the winter at Christmas time. My parents were arguing about the vacation plan and the cost at one of the busiest times like this. All I wanted was to escape from the cold, the arguing was getting s...

Higher Places Course package
by Tony
Ranked 6.82

I’ve just landed in Africa and I have finished unpacking my bags, now I need something to do. I just walked around in circles, scratching my head, making suggestions in my mind and always not excepting my ideas. That’...

Sandy journey
by Thebrickboyaus
Ranked 6.78

The desert sands swirled around the base of the rocky mountain. Atop the sandy crest, the pair could see the entire valley, but most importantly, their final destination. This sand land was a deserted wasteland fill...

A Crazy Day Course package
by Nick
Ranked 6.68

I woke up in what I thought was a ’sandy desert’. Near the top of the desert was a shiny gemstone. I got up, mesmerized, and started walking towards the gemstone at the top of a stone statue. I realized I was holding ...

Higher Places
by anonymous
Ranked 6.6

Lee and I were playing our favourite video game, Danger Island. We had reached the next area, the Desert. The location of the desert bobbed up and down ready to be selected. Lee’s finger hit the button on his game con...

by Praveen
Ranked 6.02

"BOOM! CRASH! SCREAM!" I blink quickly every thing around me goes in slow motion, then I'm back to reality, scatters around me are the remains of the plane, my half burnt backpack beside. I get up and look around " G...

by sid
Ranked 5.87

"How about we go to an action movie", asked George. "That would be a great idea", replied Mike. Both were childhood friends and loved adventure and high altitude. While watching an action sequence in the movie, bo...

Higher Places
by Acedit
Ranked 5.69

“C’mon Luca. Let’s just go for this run. You need to practice for sports day.” Luca’s dad shouted. It was Luca’s final year at his primary school. He had to win a medal or ribbon or he’d have no prizes from primary sc...

The Middle-Eastern Burglary!
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 5.63

Two men had committed a robbery on a bright and humid day in Dubai. The men were fully enclosed with black clothes so that their identity will not be revealed. To the astonishment of the police, the criminals had st...

Higher places
by Mizuki
Ranked 5.56

I walked through the dry, old desert as I stumbled my way through the area of depression. Although it was still morning I had this feeling that rang straight through my mind that today was not going to end the way it ...

I won't give up Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 5.06

The hot sun burnt my face as I felt every single sharp needle poking into my cheeks. My mouth longed for water to gush down me and restore my strength. My legs dragged my body around as I felt the humidity in the air ...

A Better Place Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 1.0

Cold icy fingers wrapped around my arm, it was father. I turned around and he gave me one of his warm, comforting, cozy smiles. BOOM! The storm outside was raging. "Logan, are you alright, would you like to go to Hesh...

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