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The Teacher Takes a Day Off
by anonymous
Ranked 7

The Award Ceremony
by Harmily
Ranked 7

My teacher, Miss Andrews, is the best teacher ever! She lets us play games, tells lots of jokes and is always smiling which means that we look forward to coming to school every day. Learning in the classroom is fun an...

The Teacher Takes A Day Off Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7

‘Yes! My teacher is finally gone,’ thought Jasmine the second her teacher was gone. Jasmine jumped up and down and did a little dance. No longer feeling the burning eyes piercing her back, Jasmine decided to party whi...

Funeral Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6

I couldn't believe it. My mother had died after so many years of her love and affection. I fell to my knees in the middle of the living room, sobbing so hard that my whole body shook. Why did it have to happen now? ...

Our Strange Teacher Course package
by Liem
Ranked 6

Our class teacher Mr Rowe, is very strange when he teaches us. Our class is Grade 4G and we were learning about chemistry, one of Mr Rowes favourite subjects. Yesterday he told us that he was going to take a day off b...

by Emily
Ranked 6

The Battle of the Classroom Girl Incident Alexandra had taken a day off school, because she was at another shopping mall teaching. But she couldn’t see where her teaching place was, because she left her phone at ho...

My teacher takes a day off
by berry
Ranked 5

One day my teacher takes a day off. Firstly she packs everything she needs in her suitcase and hopes in her red shiny car. When she arrives at the airport she goes to the café to by a drink . when she hops on the p...

by geetha
Ranked 5

It was just an ordinary morning when I went to school. I entered my classroom and we started the lesson, before the lesson the teacher wanted to say that he is taking 1 month of holidays and he is going to tell us wh...

I have a day off Writing Club
by Akeek for K
Ranked 3.17

YAY! Away from school with those naughty children that I have to keep shouting at! I'm going to Taiwan to eat lots of yummy food and staying in an five star hotel because I won the lottery! I am in the lounge now in o...

MY TEACHER'S DAY OFF! Course package
Ranked 2.83

On a fine Sunday morning with the birds singing angelically dogs playing in the park and everyone was happy. Once I had woken from a melancholy nightmare, there I had just noticed that there was a hole in our roof fro...

LAZY TEACHER Writing Club Course package
by Danyal Qidwai
Ranked 1.67

the teacher sat lazily on the lounge and turned on her computer to collect her salary for doing what us kids call torture. She turned on the tv and did some boring stuff. She didn't care about anyone or anything until...

Mr Gobble
by Anonymous2010

It was a bright sunny day and all the students came back to the classroom after their break and it turned out that Mrs wood is going to take a day off tomorrow. Suddenly cheeky smiles appeared on the children’s faces...

Mrs.Chisolm takes a day off.
by anonymous

The sun was shining like thousands of fireflys. As I woke up i knew it would be a normal day as usual. But no insted we had another teacher because apparently Mrs.Chisolm took a day off. Not because she was sick that ...

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