Sample Essays

Adventure in the park
by Harmily
Ranked 8

It was beautiful day with the sun beating down on my back. My tongue was lolling out of my mouth and I was as happy as can be trotting along, beside my owner. I took in all the scents of the park like cut grass, other...

When A Pet Escapes!
by Jo
Ranked 7

“Rosie?” my owner cried. I ignored the guilt and kept moving further into the alley. Buildings stared down at me. I was sure my owner was a benovalent person but why did she let a monster into the house. A dog. The th...

Animal Adventure Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 7

The moon was high in the sky. Wolf looked around the dark alleyways--his friends. They were his home. His lair. A place to hide. Tonight he wanted something different. A way that he had never been before. He decided t...

Max's Adventure in my Neighbourhood Course package
by Liem
Ranked 7

"Woof!" I said to Joe. Hi. My name's Max. I'm Joe's dog. Joe is my best friend out of the family. He cares for me, takes me out on walks and lets me play with him. Joe is a kid, and I like him that way. The rest of t...

Hailing Robber Night
by Emily
Ranked 6

Daisy the dog woke suddenly in a hailing night so she huddled in the corner and ripped an old sock. "Deary me, owner, what to do? My fur will be soaking wet if we get to have my daily night exercise." Exclaimed Daisy....

The dog goes on a adventure around the neighborhood.
by berry
Ranked 6

One day a dog came along walking to look around the neighbourhood. The dog named Rosy came sniffing into our back yard. The dog found a door behind the long wavy bushes. When the dog got in she found himself nea...

My misadventure around the neighbourhood Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6

I ran over to my beloved owner, Bob, with my blue nylon leash held between my teeth. It was time for some exercise! Next thing I knew, me and Bob were at the park. I felt so excited as I skipped on the dewy morning gr...

The Great Adventure
by Jaswant
Ranked 6

There once was a clever dog. He lived in an alley since his parents went out for food but never came back, so he started to eat out of trash cans. A few years later he set out go to meet the world. He saw these big hu...

A unusual animal to see
by Ray100
Ranked 6

One hot day in Africa, a abandoned lion cub sadly stroll into the lush forest. He climbed a tree and sat on a branch and drift off to sleep. Then a the biggest mammal on land (elephant) came marching into the forest. ...

by geetha
Ranked 6

Hi everyone my name is Jack, I am a German shepherd, I am going to have a adventure because I am tired of staying at home because my owner never lets me outside and that is really bad. So I have decided to go on an a...

It was a Ruff day
by Cooper
Ranked 6

Rex was a young puppy which was white and fluffy. He loves barking and he is always curious, he is also pretty clumsy. His owner is called Tommy who is six years old. Tommy lives in America and he is very careless s...

Lost In The Snow
by Chubby Bear
Ranked 4.5

I looked out of the window and saw glittering white powder falling down from the sky. "It's snowing today, don't go outside," said Rosie, my owner as she hugged me, getting cat hairs all over her school uniform. I p...

My first wonderful adventure Writing Club
by Akeek for K
Ranked 3.83

“Eat your food Mittens, it’s already an hour passed dinnertime!” Yelled my owner from the kitchen. “I’m not hungry,” I thought, as I kept on scratching the couch. I was always bored of the same routine every day, it s...

Animal Adventure Writing Club Course package
by Mizuki
Ranked 4

In world far away, where I live was peaceful until I decided to go on a great adventure. ''Cook-a-doodle-doo'', the rooster crowed as his voice rang through the fog as I set myself off to my first journey. Through the...

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