Sample Essays

A dark alleyway and a bully
by Reedsong
Ranked 8.01

Bill was walking down the street, lost in deep thought, when a wind wafted a disturbing scent and jerked him out of his daydream: he had almost walked right into the gaping jaws of the abandoned alleyway. The grim cru...

The Ski Trip
by Fletcher Carstens
Ranked 7.69

I laid my foot out the door of the branch. The air was crisp you could almost cut with a nice. My hands were numb. I could see the treacherous course in front of me. A jolt of excitement rushed through this is what I ...

The Escape
by anonymous
Ranked 7.47

“Run, Violet, Run. They’re coming, we need to leave.” My mother was tugging at my sleave pulling me towards the front door but I was stuck, unable to believe that we might not ever see this house again. “VIOLET, WE NE...

Area 51 Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.41

“FBI, OPEN UP!” Agents swarmed into area 51, where many humans had entered and none came out. Bella, the head agent led the group of agents who looked around them seeing lights flickering and all you could see was the...

A dangerous place? Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.4

The morning sunlight light filtered through the window, waking Tom up as the light shone over his closed eyes. Stretching, he stood up and went outside, yearning for some fresh air. As he walked closer to the mailbox,...

Inside the basement Course package
by Aaron
Ranked 7.07

It was moving day, my body could not hold itself still. I was extremely excited to go to my new house. This house was old and filled with spiders. It creaked and moaned, it was well over a hundred years old. Finally, ...

A Dangerous Place
by AllienK
Ranked 7.04

Johnny Wilkinson was driving home after his tiring day at the new town. The sun beamed down as if it was trying to melt Johnny’s car. He was driving in an obscurely memorized direction. He took multiple turns, off whi...

A dangerous place
by anonymous
Ranked 7.0

Small pieces of rocks fell out of the road as Max maneuvered his skateboard along it. He was going to meet up with his gang in their secret alleyway. As the loud crunching sound of rocks stopped, Max slowly turned tow...

The Factories Fire Course package
by Tony
Ranked 6.76

I finished making my tenth collar and sighed. It was a hard, dangerous job making clothes in a factory, oil leaks were common and flammable things were often nearby. I shouldn’t have been complaining because at this p...

Dangerous Place Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.73

The cobwebs were stretched out in the corners of the room as if invisible hands had done it. The hoary strings made the dew on the webs shine. Despite everything being Stygian darkness, I could see everything perfectl...

The Surprise Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 6.52

I walked down the dark small road, looking out for a black door, as I looked around, I saw graffiti everywhere. As I looked around, I began to shiver. Rats, and the ugly smell of trash bins, plus the graffiti on the w...

Dangerous Place Course package
by Devya
Ranked 5.49

There were always rumours and legends about the secret garden. It is said to be the place of certain death. There are many stories of people not returning once they have entered. Knowing all of this I still had that l...

by anonymous
Ranked 5.13

This is a story about a young boy who goes by the name of Jesse. Jesse was an A+ student and did great in school but loved looking for danger and adventure. On this particular day he decided to venture out some where ...

A Dangers Place! Course package
by Vindhya
Ranked 5.02

I looked around I had no idea where I was, rusty walls ,graffitied walls and old metal bars. It seemed to as I was in a shipping container, it was pitch black I couldn't see anything. I started to fell the walls aroun...

The Locked Chamber
by Senatsu
Ranked 5.0

Matt Jason panted as he finished the 3rd chamber fight as he glances towards his friends. "Henry, are you okay?" gasped Matt, rolling over to his friend. "I'm fine," puffed Henry with short breaths. "Are yo...

A Dangerous Place Course package
by Myrah

The wall was overflooded with graffiti. My hands shook uncontrollably but I managed to push open the door. What was inside amazed me completely. My friend, Anny, had always wanted to go on an adventure but never got t...

The Mysterious Balcony Course package
by Hcalculator

The door creaked open, enabling sets and series of a variety of cobwebs that stretched across the metal isolation room. The floor was dressed in dust, with enormous chunks of the pitch black dust, shimmying down from ...

by Bryan

I walked home from school but something unusual caught my eye. It was an old wooden door covered with graffiti on it and it looked as if it hid from anyone or anything. My lip quivered and a chill ran down my spine as...

by Bryan

Bryan skipped across the neighborhood, school was over and he could go home and enjoy a nice drink and a movie. However, something vague caught his eye. Bryan refused to look at it again but he couldn't forget about i...

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