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King Hit Writing Club
Ranked 8.67

Murmuring waves ripple through the small crowd that has gathered outside of my locker. Nobody speaks directly to me, yet I know exactly what they are talking about as they point and argue in intense whispers. I keep m...

The rumour Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.54

Sam stood in front of the cave, looking at the dark hole before him. There had been many rumours of treasure in the cave near the beach but nobody had found it. Sam was determined to find the treasure before anyone el...

The Rumour Writing Club
by Moss Cowcher
Ranked 8.33

what was he going to do. Jonathan certainly didn't know, he just knew that the rumours weren't true, he just wished everyone else knew that as well. He had already had a bad day at school so far, and there was no ho...

The rumour Writing Club Course package
by Shiraz
Ranked 8.33

As I stepped through the school gate an unfamiliar buzz of energy circulated throughout the once lifeless, defunct school. I eyed the school grounds suspiciously. "No, nothing seems to be worth my time here," I mutter...

Why me? Writing Club
by Rajas Satija
Ranked 7.5

The unfamiliar creepy noise that was subtly going around me was rapid. I could sense people giving that 'look' at me telling me I did something wrong. Walking out of class I started to shrink. Everyone crowded around ...

Rumour about me Course package
by Andy
Ranked 7.47

As I walked into the school I thought it would be an ordinary day little did I know I was very wrong. No one ever pays attention to me at school, I'm pretty irrelevant. However, as I entered school everyone was lookin...

The abandoned school Writing Club Free Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.17

Thunder flashed through the dim sky as I walked through the gigantic school gates. The light shower of rain had turned into a blizzard of water. No one was outside except for me making the playground seem abandoned an...

by anonymous
Ranked 7.18

P1: Backstory P2: Coming up with idea P3: Execution of plan P4: People believing it P5: End I am not the kind of girl whom a teacher would usually peg as a troublemaker. But I am quite a little actress. Wh...

The rumour Writing Club
by anonymous
Ranked 6.83

I had lost my lunch in a bet. During lunch time I had foraged through my bulging bag to find even the most rotten banana to quench my hunger. But even though my bag usually had something to quench my hunger, today I w...

The rumour Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.78

I walked down the hallway as i usually would, it was a Monday morning after all, i wasn't at my best. I ducked past the teachers lounge and opened my locker, this was the only place in this whole school that i could c...

The rumour
by Karl
Ranked 6.75

RINGGG! RINGGGG! RINGGGGG!!! As the school bell rang everyone quickly rushed to class. Sally sprinted into her class and quickly sat down to catch her breath back. She suddenly felt as if she were being watched, she l...

The rumour Writing Club
by Abdus
Ranked 6.33

Word spread around town in an instant. What happened to those who ventured the deep dark forest? Many explorers went on a journey to map the area but never returned. They never answered their phones or gave any type o...

Death Row Prison Rumours Writing Club Course package
by Lachlan
Ranked 6.17

Rumours have spread like wild fire. Saying that death row prison was the nastiest most unliveable place to be jailed. Since John Slater was a curious journalist, he wanted to experience the hard life in the Death Row...

Writing Club Course package
by Joshua Lakes
Ranked 6.0

Characters: Gossip Miriam, kind businessman. P1 centre of attention dress for attention. Wild leaf skirt. Last time rumour. Tsunami storm. Fled village for nothing. Stickybeak peeking behind fenced area sees drillin...

The rumour Writing Club Course package
by Eden
Ranked 6.13

Waves of hushed voices rippled through the schools playground. I immediately felt my plump cheeks tinge pink as the throng around me gawked and muttered vile things under their breaths. People moved aside just as I wa...

Sample essay for QUESTION 23 - The rumour by LEWISCARROLL1 Writing Club Course package
by Sayori
Ranked 5.67

Johanna stepped onto the bus in a wild flurry her young son trailing along behind her, his clammy palm enclosed within her own. She fumbled in her fraying purse and pulled out to two shiny coins, which she tossed in t...

People Whisper
by Joselyn Wong
Ranked 6.03

I wanted to not believe the rumours, they were all fake: the lot of them! A crowd of people already gathered outside of Richard's locker, they didn't need to directly speak to me to let me know what happened. I walked...

Writing Club Course package
by JKRowling4
Ranked 5.5

It’s a rumour. Don’t believe them. They say anything just for money. Why would I kill the king? I was his very trusted guard and if he was alive today he would tell you that it wasn’t me who killed him but someone els...

by shion
Ranked 5.59

My heart thumps and my head throbs. Walls feel like they are caving in all around me as I hear silent whispers and feel eyes piercing through my back. I should’ve known the cafeteria wasn’t the best place to be after ...

The Rumor Writing Club
by anonymous
Ranked 5.39

It had spread as quickly as the plague. Rumours had been going around that our school was going to close down. None of us had appeared to have told our parents about it, because it would be more stress. Worried ton...

The Rumour Writing Club
by David Toluwade
Ranked 4.33

'I think they might be moving.' was the most common sentence for the past few weeks in Jeremy's neighbourhood. He had countlessly tried to stop the rumour from spreading, but it continued to erupt in conversations and...

Bombing Mystery! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.0


Time: 15 minutes
by anonymous
Ranked 3.67

I spinned my pen in circular motion, bored of waiting for the teacher to arrive. Akiyama, a friend from my previous school waved and motioned me to come over. “What is it kid?” I moaned. “Hey, how's the first day of...

Is Santa real? Writing Club
by Sarah Berezowski
Ranked 3.0

It was the night before Christmas. My family and I are enjoying our oven pizza, but I can barely sit still. I'm curious to find out about Santa, "Can Santa fly?" My mum replies " Rumour has it that he rides on a magic...

The Tale Course package
by Praveen

Everyone in the village were discussing about the same thing. They have been doing this for a few decades. A tale of the Tiger's Ghosts. The name of the Tiger was Shah and he was killed by a hunter. It was been said t...

by Sally

The TV screen blared away as I sat lazily on the leather sofa. "Police have warned citizens to stay away from a man with cropped hair, grey eyes, approximately 170cm tall and was last sighted donning a black coat," ...

The Delinquent Hero
by jordan

I entered the hallway, and took a step into a room of silence. All eyes were on me. I gulped, sweat beads streaming down my face. My only desire then was to be swallowed up by the ground. It was my second day, and yet...

by Cora

The girl walked tentativley through the house. It's wallpaper scraped with claws, and its furniture sprawled across the cold tiled floor, the house was a disaster. They had yet to discover who had wrecked such havoc i...

Sample essay for QUESTION 23 - The rumour by LEWISCARROLL1 Writing Club Course package
by Sayori

I shuffled uncertainly towards Janet "why did you tell them?"I asked quietly trying not to awaken my anger "I don't know"she said truthfully "I guess I didn't think you'd mind" "NOT MIND" I exploded "HOW COULD I NOT M...

The rumour
by anonymous

I stood there with fear as people were glaring at me, their eyes showing their pure hatred for me. I couldn`t take it anymore I felt as if everyone was against, as if there was a huge wall in between me and everyone e...

The Rumour Course package
by Michelle Sim

They know my name, but they don’t know my story. To the kids at my new school, I am the girl who got expelled by sending another child to hospital. These people fear me. Once I arrive, they inch away because a dark an...

by Michelle

My cheeks flushed a deep red colour. I bit the inside of my lip to keep the tears from coming. My mouth felt like it was sealed, so tight that I couldn't even utter a word. Onlookers laughed and pointed. I rushed into...

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