Sample Essays

Chaos in the Library Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.73

The birds outside chirped as Alex walked around the library, picking up fallen books on the ground and placing them back on the shelves. Alex was a young, hard working librarian who was always on the lookout to offe...

Chaos in the library Writing Club Course package
by Sandybas
Ranked 8.0

Plan: Intro: Librarian, angry 1. baby cries 2. gets angry at everyone Con: Arrested I was a bomb, ready to explode any minute. The way people handled my poor, beloved books was irritating. I wished I could jus...

Chaos in the library Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.67

The day was already a chaos when Rose was scurrying along the footpath, holding her umbrella tightly as she made her way towards the library. "First, I wake up with a huge headache, now I am expected to work as a libr...

Chaos in the Library Course package
by Kurumbi
Ranked 7.33

Walking into the library, I see the cunning glare of the school bully. Making paper planes, Josh throws them at me to irritate me. The librarian lazily signals for him to stop, then resumes reading her large book. Jos...

Peace to Catastrophy Course package
by Susheel
Ranked 7.18

Me and my best friend Jake were studying in the school library. We were finding books that both of us wanted. As i was scouting the shelves for a very particular book, I spotted it. With relief i made a silent hand si...

Are monsters real? Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 6.76

Pierre liked to read books. He would visit the libray every non-working day and read a book. The library was very important to him. One day. Pierre visited the library and picked a book off the shelf. It was about myt...

At the library
by anonymous
Ranked 6.14

The alarm yelled at Jane as she jumped out of bed and bolted over to the bathroom. "I'm late for school", she exclaimed as she squeezed out the toothpaste onto her seventh brush this month. Rubbing the brush to her te...

Chaos in the library Writing Club
by Rajas Satija
Ranked 4.5

Its July in 1977,what many people label as the “black age" has now fallen upon my generation.U employment rates are high,so is poverty.The daily telegraph sums it perfectly saying “we live in an economically unstable ...

Chaos in the library Writing Club Course package
by Eden
Ranked 4.69

I strolled proudly into my second home, the library as I greeted my fellow librarians. We had recently ordered a new batch of books from Australia and it was expected to arrive today. I rubbed my hands with glee as I ...

My class is a mess Writing Club
by ali
Ranked 2.33

My classes are a mess, there are always kids running around everywhere knocking things down, shouting loudly across the classroom. It is just the worst feeling to have as a teacher. Even today, we went to the library ...

Chaos in the library Course package
by Kyu

Silence filled my ears. The smell of dust filled the atmosphere with a hint of vanilla. The warmth of the soft cushion filled me with comfort as I gripped my book. The steady noise of the keyboard clicking echoed thro...

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