Sample Essays

Fish in water Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.84

The cold murky water rippled as the school of fish passed over the algae covered rocks, toward the horizon. Jay walked in between them, studying his favourite animals. Jay was inspecting a small, grey creature when su...

Scuba Diving
by MrX
Ranked 8.81

Today was the perfect day for scuba diving, clear skies and no wind to disturb the flatness of the sea. I pulled on my mask, biting down on the rubber mouthpiece and breathing in the compressed air. Making sure my sma...

by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ PANDA ☆彡
Ranked 8.5

Swimming through the murky water, I swerved to avoid colliding with a tin can, and wove around the transparent jellyfish-like object that had drifted towards me. These days, travelling through the sea was like going t...

The shark Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.15

Mark was sitting on a ship, his head buried in a book about fish in the sea. He was going in a submarine to explore and research the fish in the coral reef and he was doing some last minute studying before he went und...

The Lake
by Riptide98
Ranked 7.62

Plan: P1 - Character is at the lake P2 - Character eats fish all the time. Goes home and comes back for breakfast P3 - Character can't find any fish because of pollution P4 - He decides to eat berries, but he is...

The Great Penguin Escape
by anonymous
Ranked 6.65

I was swimming in the bright blue ocean that is flooded with colourful fish and large coral, however, my meal was waiting in the deeper part of the ocean closer to the floor. I glided my self towards the seafloor and ...

Shark Attack
by anonymous
Ranked 5.0

I awoke to the sun beaming at my face, through the clear water. Once again, I had waken up at sunrise. I swam off my coral bed and headed for the nearest seaweed bunch. As always, I had seaweed for breakfast and my pa...

The Day When I Changed My Thought
by Shreya Patel
Ranked 3.5

I woke up and took a glimpse of my surroundings. There before me was my usual day. I slipped on my shiny, sequenced slippers and trotted towards the bathroom. I cleaned myself and grabbed myself a cup of tea. My silky...

The mess
by mandarin
Ranked 4.08

" HELLO! MUM, DAD WHERE ARE YOU?!" I cried. Every where I look was covered with objects that I have never seen before. I got to get out of here and try to find my home. My heart was racing heavily like like a great wh...

A fish in water Course package
by 🎸Madalsa 🎶

A fish in water: I looked with awe as schools of exotic fish swam here and there in all sorts of odd directions. I had finally arrived there. The lost reef of Athlantic ocean. The marine beauty seemed to sink ins...

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