Sample Essays

Family Reunion Course package
by Annoymous
Ranked 8

Daniel had never travelled overseas before and never been in a plane. When he heard that they were going to a family reunion in England, he was incredibly excited. He had heard about his extended family from his paren...

A Reunion Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7

“Ping!” a few more messages were sent to me. I was browsing at my texts for a while and then I was scrolling at my contacts list. I scrolled and scrolled and suddenly, I stopped, raised an eyebrow, and slowly started ...

Course package
by Star Wars
Ranked 7

Huge chatter ripped through the hall. There was a distinctive buzz of excitement, and occasionally an uproar of laughter. Everyone was having fun, all jovial and ecstatic. But one person sat in the middle of it all sl...

A bear and boy
by Reedsong
Ranked 6

A boy and his teddy bear were great inseparable friends. Birds sang harmoniously, and roses bloomed whenever the boy had the bear by his side. Together, they braved unknown lands, conquered cruel, valiant foes, and be...

My grandparents are magnificent pilots!
by Andy Kim
Ranked 6

Jacob's family is the most boring people in the universe. His mother works at a supermarket and his dad works in a business office. Jacob unfortunately does not have anyone to play with at home. He doesn't have any f...

Our Reunion Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6

'Knock!' My aunt swung the door open and cheerfully greeted us inside. Usually during reunions I would be wide awake and alert to see if any of my cousins had arrived yet, but this time I was too worn out. I barely go...

Far from home
by Jo
Ranked 6

I stand still as my warm breath extinguishes the brittle, frigid morning air. My heart stops as I hear a shrill scream, then the blaring of a siren. I stand in the crowd where my father always tells me to blend in. I ...

Friends Reunite
by anonymous
Ranked 5

It was the first day of the summer holidays and I was peacefully eating my breakfast when the doorbell rang. “Delivery!” called the postman. I hurriedly ran to the door where I received a single letter sent all the ...

A Reunion
by xsaber
Ranked 5

A frenzy of messages popped up on my screen, many of fan mail or many other useless messages, but the one that stood out the most was the one of an unmarked message, reading 'Lets have a reunion at Parramatta Pool,12/...

A reunion Course package
by Yenni

Plot: Devan and Daisy was separated as puppies and they meet at a waterfall. P1 - Devan and Daisy got separated P2 - Devan looked for Daisy P3 - Devan saw Daisy at the waterfall P4 - Devan and Daisy found the pa...

A Reunion Of A Friendship Course package
by kaan ozer

I was on my lunch break from work when I was browsing on Instagram on my phone. Just then I saw an old photo of a little girl sitting down on a chair. She looked really familiar but I couldn't remember who it was. Whe...

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