Sample Essays

The Protest Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.3

Eyes to the ground, Joe shuffled through the crowd, clutching his precious watch he had taken off to avoid scratches in this large protest. Joe was a hard working office man trying to head home after a long, long day ...

Light in the Shadows
by Neth
Ranked 8.17

The protesters showed no sign of love or happiness. Instead, their faces were filled with hatred and dismissal. The new activity area in the town square had opened, and they were forbidden to use it. It was because th...

Course package
by DT
Ranked 8.14

Beginning: There is a tree being cut down near a local park and local people protest against it. A girl wants to save the tree because her dad was enlisted in the army and ever since she was little, her dad and her wo...

by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ PANDA ☆彡
Ranked 8.13

**Please disregard scoring criterion of 'length' for this essay please when scoring and providing feedback as this essay has been written not for exam purposes, but instead, for general improvement.** As I sat out...

Still we rise-protest Course package
by Kurumbi
Ranked 7.83

The dreadful, corrupt government has taken the lives of those who averse his method of ruling. At school, many life lessons like equality and love were taught, but now we learn that those who are wealthier are superio...

The Protest
by Riptide98
Ranked 7.51

My head was held low as I roamed the streets with a leash tied tightly around my neck. The person holding it behind me was an old, grouchy man with a cold frown on his face. Sombrely, I continued walking. The fierce, ...

The protest!
by anonymous
Ranked 7.32

"Can't be late! Can't be late!", Jimmy assured himself as he switched the television off which was running a protest in the city on the news. Jimmy scoffed his sandwich cereal up his mouth and polished his new pair of...

The protest Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 6.63

Emperor John started at the large moving mass of commoners infront of his palace. The guards armed with axes and swords still held the mass steady. The crowd was not doing anything serious yet but as the days passed, ...

by Ari
Ranked 6.31

The cacophony of chants and the roars of the crowd echoed around the city. The large congregation of united souls marched into the imperious city square to protest against the corrupt government and among these people...

Course package
by Shaista
Ranked 6.16

I spurt my way through the crowd of livid people, desperate to flee from them. Noticing a violent swing of a wooden-board sign ahead of me I duck frantically again to avoid another bruise. Earlier today, I had seen...

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