Sample Essays

The Last Formation Course package
by Tony
Ranked 8.03

The birds squawked loudly overhead as I stared at Mt Vesuvius releasing a little bit of ash. I lived in the beautiful city of Pompeii, where Mt Vesuvius stood which was asleep for hundreds of years. I lived on the bor...

A formation of rock people Course package
by Nicholas
Ranked 7.68

Echoes of running footsteps could be heard as the surrounding mountains loomed like big giants. Charlie, puffing, came to a halt at the foot of the mountain, its rocky and bumpy surface emerging out of nowhere. Charli...

the disaster
by anonymous
Ranked 6.87

Many many years ago, in the distant city of Pompeii. There lived a boy named Marcus he had blond hair and had many freckles on his face. He also was very naughty and always ran all over the city playing with his fri...

New Island
by bluesky
Ranked 6.57

There I was cruising on a jet boat to a faraway island. The engine hummed noisily and the water rushed up and down the boat as it made little waves. On the Cocky Ocean moss and seaweed were growing tall and appeare...

Stone Golem Formation
by Vitruvia
Ranked 6.0

Course package
by subasiny rabby
Ranked 5.37

The fresh sea air smelt like crisp bacon on the backyard grill. The sea's waves plunged onto to the deck and cover every nook and cranny like a big blanket. The boat rocked like a baby crib. I set the sails high and...

Writing Club
by Lucky
Ranked 5.25

"Hey, daddy?" "Why do you have a picture of rock people"? Emily whispered with a shaky voice "It's hard to explain so I will tell you a story". Her dad said with a smile on his face." Before you were born I studied sp...

Live statues!
by Charlotte
Ranked 5.23

It is mad around the house. Lucias family are going to easter island and they have to pack everything. Her little brother Max is running around the house breaking things and her mum is pulling her hair out while her d...

The Stone Fight
by Shriyan
Ranked 5.06

Tim was having a lot of dreams of the mirror in his bedroom. It was about the mirror in his room shaking and moving and turning into a portal. He went to his friends and told them about his dreams but they all said “y...

Myth of The Stone People Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.05

Adam walked over to the naturally formed statues representing people. These statues represented the entrance to the mountain. Yet for people like Adam it represented much ,much more. Adam remembered the old tales tha...

Nature's Revenge
by Thebrickboyaus
Ranked 5.0

Thunk! Another tree hit the ground. Branches fell from the sky as trees were cut down. Pinecones shattered against the ground, bristly branches were cut off trees. A massive machine rumbled into the clearing, pickin...

The 2nd American Rush
by Splash
Ranked 4.22

17.2.3079... “All Soldiers please wake up; I repeat All soldiers please wake up” ringed the megaphone. Ever since world war 6 broke out, nobody gets any rest! You see, Saint Van Geouslasy started this war as just a...

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