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money management is something school should teach more often. Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7

Money management is a very important subject and should be taught more. Everyone needs to know how to manage their money and how to save and spend money on things they need. People will know how to spend as little as ...

Mindfulness should become a School Subject
by Nimy
Ranked 7

The stress of a school student should never be underestimated. Just like all adults, children need to learn to calm down and refresh from a hard day. Mindfulness should be taught in school so students know how to do s...

Cooking Course package
by Lakshan
Ranked 7

Their are many different subjects are not taught in school, but are very important to learn throughout schooling. I strongly believe that cooking is a mandatory thing to teach at schools. This text will tell you why c...

School Subjects
by xsaber
Ranked 6

Whether money management should be taught in schools has been a much debated topic. Money management should be taught in schools because it gets students ready for the future and secondly, it makes students more aware...

What subject should be taught in schools?
by anonymous
Ranked 6

The subject that I think should be taught in schools is how to manage money. When kids become adults they will start earning money and it is important for them to know what to do with that money. When students bec...

Self defence should be a subject at school Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 6

Self defence allows people to learn how to defend themselves. There are many dangers which can be easily avoided if people knew how to do self defence. If it is a compulsory subject at school then life would be much s...

school subjects Course package
by Arham Islam
Ranked 6

I strongly believe that money should become a subject in school because it will teach them to save money for things that they want, it will teach them the value of money and it will allow them to have the ability to h...

Every School Should Teach How To Code Course package
by kaan ozer

It is thought that the future is going to be based on technology. Computers, Ipads, etc are becoming a part of children's homework whether it is to write an essay or to research a topic. Technology is now a big part o...

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