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The positive perspective of being yourself Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 8.67

Be yourself. Heard this saying before? Being yourself can be risky but worth it. It can let creativity flow through you, being able to trust yourself and becoming more confident about your flaws. Being yourself is ...

Be Yourself Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.62

The saying, “be yourself”, is often used as a motivational source, but there has been a debate over whether this is good life advice. This saying is good advice because when people do not listen to it they may end up ...

Be Yourself
by Hermione
Ranked 8.42

Be yourself is an inspirational message that has been around for decades, and is a phrase many take to heart. It is a motivational source for thousands worldwide. The opposing view to this philosophy is to fake it un...

Be Yourself
by Happyapple
Ranked 8.18

The motivational maxim, ‘be yourself’, is definitely true. Being yourself means showing your true identity and unique characteristics. Firstly, being oneself can allow one to accept and acknowledge who they are. T...

Be Yourself Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.18

Being yourself is a fantastic way of expressing feelings and making friends. This piece of advice should certainly be taken to heart and put into practice. One reason for this is that pretending to be something that s...

Be Yourself Course package
by Acere
Ranked 7.98

Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was the same. The saying "Be Yourself" suggests that we should be who we are and stay true to ourselves. In my opinion I believe "Be Yourself" is great life advice bec...

Be Yourself
by NW
Ranked 7.36

Being yourself can benfit you in many ways yet it can also cause some harm. Firstly, people know that person for who they are, and secondly, anyone can be proud of themselves; you don’t need to hide. To begin with,...

by anonymous
Ranked 7.36

These days, “Be yourself” is a common motivational saying that tells someone to not be or impersonate someone else but instead just be themselves completely. This is not a good statement because firstly, it brings out...

"Be yourself" is a good common motivational saying but is it good advice to follow in life?
by Senatsu
Ranked 7.31

"Be yourself" is a good common motivational saying advice to follow in life. This is because each person should be unique, they can be more creative and they may become successful. Firstly, "be yourself" is an adv...

Be Yourself
by anonymous
Ranked 7.24

A very common motivational saying that states “Be Yourself”, is said as either good life advice or not. It should be good life advice because people can show others their real characteristics, and if people are not th...

'Be yourself', what magical life advice!
by Alagu
Ranked 7.21

'Be yourself'. My mother has always said that, and I love it too. In my opinion, to be yourself is wonderful life advice. Initially, 'Be yourself' is fantastic life advice because it is everlasting. We are always g...

Being Yourself Is Best
by Dwij
Ranked 6.98

Being yourself means others cannot change you and then you become the person you are meant to be. I strongly believe being yourself is better than being someone else. This is because you show your personality and you ...

“Be yourself”
by AllienK
Ranked 6.97

“Be yourself” is a very right saying because every individual should have their own and free personality. This means that everybody should live a normal life and try and act out somebody else. If everybody in the worl...

The quote 'be yourself is a good life advice.
by anonymous
Ranked 6.95

The quote ‘be yourself’ is a well-known motivational quote. Even though ‘be yourself’ is something usually not done, it is a good-life advice. Firstly, people have a right to be themselves and secondly, it relieves ...

Always be yourself
by Jay
Ranked 6.94

Imagine if one day you were a completely different person. Not yourself but someone else. Being yourself is extremely essential in life whether you like it or not. Being yourself helps you build up courage, let's you ...

Be yourself Course package
by Dini
Ranked 6.76

Most people in the world try to chase what they don't have, they try to change themselves for many reasons. To impress a person, to fit in with the crowd or to just be accepted. But the people who see this, don't know...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.62

Being yourself is a good life advice. Firstly, it can help people be make more friends. Secondly, it can distinguish people from the others. Being yourself is makes people better. Being yourself can help people mak...

Is be yourself good advice to follow in life? Writing Club Course package
by Lucky
Ranked 6.45

I strongly believe in the quote be yourself is good advice to follow in life as it helps acknowledge things you don't have to be forced to do. It helps create mindful thoughts about who you want to be and not someone ...

Always Be Yourself
by Kasyful R.
Ranked 6.41

Be yourself is the most difficult part. We will be influenced by other people’s behavior and opinion. This is because we live in society. Being ourselves means to be honest, not to compare ourselves to oth...

"Be yourself" is common motivational saying but is it good advice to follow in life?
Ranked 6.11

Imagine a student who imitates a person in a rude way, that is not very nice at all being teased by someone, but if that same kid was acting normal like himself/herself that would be much better. This sounds extremely...

Be confident
by Chika
Ranked 6.0

Be yourself and be confident two phrases that could motivate anyone around this planet. Being yourself is sometimes hard to be or being confident in yourself. Being yourself is something that is very important at any ...

Why "Be Yourself" is good life advice
by anonymous
Ranked 5.34

"Be yourself" is good life advice and here are some reasons why: Firstly if you weren't yourself and you tried to be someone "cool" we would probably all be the same and businesses that sell things that aren't "cool"...

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