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Development in Antarctica
by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ PANDA ☆彡
Ranked 8.41

As the population grows, there is a growing need for non-renewable resources to fulfil the modern lifestyle. Due to this, some people may be looking for solutions; Antarctica is one as it is predicted to be rich in co...

Development in Antarctica Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.05

Since December the first, 1959, the Antarctic treaty has been in effect, prohibiting countries from things like military activity and nuclear testing in an attempt to prevent harm being done to the environment. Recent...

Change It
by anonymous
Ranked 7.89

Due to the growing interests of resources in Antarctica, the Antarctic Treaty should be modified. The Antarctic Treaty should be changed to provide supplies to the rest of the world and bear the number of tourists to ...

Development in Antarctica Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.38

Development in Antarctica has been a subject people have been discussing about, and this has lead to debates about wether or not it should happen. Development in Antarctica should not happen because Antarctica should ...

Antarctic Treaty Modified?
by Karl
Ranked 7.22

The amount of resources in our world are becoming scarce, exhausted and depleted everywhere. Tourist numbers in Antarctica begin to escalate as buyer prospectors are interested in the continents resources, which inclu...

by mandarin
Ranked 7.17

Imagine a world with no wildlife, a place full of pollution, a place we would not call home. The Antarctica treaty helps make sure that Antarctica is used for peace and science. Therefore, I strongly believe that the ...

The Antarctic Treaty and its accompanying Protocol and CCAMLR should not be disregarded to provide for development on the last frontier
by anonymous
Ranked 7.05

There are hundreds of minerals that are found across the continent of Antarctica. The Antarctic treaty's protocol nor the CCAMLR should not be disregarded to provide development on the last frontier. This is because o...

The Antarctic Treaty should be slightly modified Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 7.04

Antartica is a continent south of Australia and although it may look like a frozen wasteland, it has a variety of wildlife there. Antartica has an abundance of minerals and resources and is also becoming a tourist des...

The Antarctic Treaty Must Stay
by anonymous
Ranked 7.01

Antarctica is the only continent on Earth to be free of war, fishing and mining ad it must be kept this way. Hidden under the thick sheets of ice are fish and minerals that countries around the world seek to mine beca...

Writing Club
by anonymous
Ranked 4.94

It has been highly debated whether or not we should furthermore develop Antarctica. Since there is plenty of space on the continent, it will ease the pain of our rapidly-growing society. We also will be able to play a...

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