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70% Will Fail to Get In and Here Are 3 Reasons Why...

  1. Bad Exam Preparation - not having a study plan, studying/focusing on the wrong areas and not having an exam strategy. Many students who are 'smart' at school don't get in because of poor exam preparation.
  2. Not Enough Time - The exam will test speed. While most students will get the questions right without a time limit, they don't consider that they're racing against the clock. Without a strategy and knowing the short-cuts, they're wasting precious time and time = marks to pass.
  3. Wrong Guidance - The ATAR Entry Score to become a secondary school teacher is as low as 59.2 (just barely passing) at LaTrobe in Mildura. Most teachers are not experts in exam strategy or reasoning. Furthermore, the wrong guidance from a teacher/tutor is likely to mean losing exam points.

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What Are You Doing to Help Your Child Be in the Successful 30% Group?

Parents often have a difficult decision where to get their child help. Some tuition centres focus on practice exam after practice exam leaving their child frustrated and tired. Exam Success' online course helps your child get closer to the 30% group (and we've helped many before you - see our Google+ Reviews, Herald Sun article or check out the Case Study below) through:

  1. Solid Exam Preparation - The full exam package has approximately 84 hours of videos, 800+ practice questions with detailed and easy to understand explanations. Our content includes our own developed short-cuts and exam approaches so that your child can get through their exam questions in the time limit.
  2. Expert Guidance - Your child will be learning directly from a former selective school student, University of Melbourne scholar (top ranked University in Australia 2014) and ATAR 96.04 who studied logic and reasoning from a prominent logician at the University.
  3. Flexible Way to Learn - Being online, your child can study for their exam at any time that suits them. If they need to go through a topic again? No problems, they have access to the course for up to 6 months! If you need more than 6 months, extensions are available for $19 per month for individual courses or for packages, $39 per month irrespective of the package purchased.
  4. BONUS: Up to 5 of your child's essays ranked + feedback provided on our unique practice writing app which will help keep your child on track with their exam preparation for written expression - one of the hardest components of the selective school and scholarship test! For course packages only.

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How a Grade 5 Girl Improved Her Writing for the Exam After 3 Video Lessons...

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Great for:

  • NSW HSPT (General Ability)
  • Brisbane State High School (Year 6)
  • Perth Modern School
  • NSW Police Force Test
  • Vic Police Test and PSO Test

After purchase, you get immediate access to your courses for 6 months so your child can get a head start on their test prep!

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Have More Questions? Check out the FAQs from Real Customers

How does the extension work? I need more than 6 months because my exam is in Oct 2016

It's great that you're planning ahead. Once you purchase, access is provided for 6 months from the date of purchase. After that, if you choose to extend, just get in touch with us. An extension is $19 per month for an individual course or $39 to have your whole originally purchased course package renewed per month. To get extension access, we send a paypal invoice and upon payment, create the extension.

How do we get more practice worksheets to work on? The videos are helpful but we need more practice material to practice under time constrraints [sic].

As a minimum, per course there are 10 questions x 10 checkpoints = 100 questions (some courses/checkpoints have more). The final checkpoints (Checkpoint 11 / 12) is the practice exam which has for the Year 7 exams, approximately 30-45 questions depending on the course and for Year 9, this is 50-65 questions depending on the course. The course should provide all the practice questions you require in order to prepare effectively for the exam.

Parents don't often realise that too many practice questions is not a good thing because students are more likely to skim over the question and 'do it' and opposed to understanding the logic more deeply. Understanding the logic leads to Exam Success!

I've seen this problem happen a lot where parents buy all this practice material and become confused and stressed not knowing where to start! Focus on quality of practice questions over quantity and your child will be less stressed, more focused and better prepared for the exam. It's about studying smarter not harder!

Who is checking the completed tests/worksheets? Also how do we get feedback and further improvement points and areas?

As this course is supposed to be an independent work through course, your child should be checking through the completed tests/worksheets. When they finish their worksheet, they simply watch the solutions video. The solutions via goes through and explains what the correct answer is and how they get to the correct answer. As part of this process of going through the solutions, they will pick up where they've gone wrong to help them improve for next time. It's really important that you child does this because it's the understanding that helps them in the exam. Some other tuition centres never fully explain their solutions (we've helped students that used to go to these centres), they simply correct homework sheets with a tick or cross so the only feedback that your child gets is a number. That's useless because how will they know where or how to improve? Instead, we go in depth in EACH question to show how to get to the answer.

What about the explanations for any incorrectly answered questions?

Again, as they go through the solutions video they will given the explanation on how to get to the correct answer. Naturally, they will see why a certain answer is incorrect or why their reasoning was incorrect.

If you wish to purchase whole package, how much time (approx.) should it take for my 10yr old to complete all the units? I understand it is go at your own pace, but considering he would have to sit academic merit test for state high (Brisbane) mid next year ((I think), need to be mindful of time

If you have the time for example, 6 months to spare, I'd recommend 3.5 hours each weekend. Each course has 12 checkpoints and there are 7 courses altogether (84 checkpoints - approximately 84+ hours of exam preparation. If you have 3 months to the time of the exam, I'd recommend doing a checkpoint per day (if doing the full package of 7 courses). Some students say it takes on average 37 hours to complete one course (for 7 courses that would be 210 hours) so potentially, your child could do the course full time during the summer holiday period and beyond.

How does your writing ranking & feedback work?

After purchase, we'll get notified of any essays that you write on our practice writing app if you click on the button to request your ranking. Once we get your request online, we'll rank and provide feedback for those essays up until the 5th one or until your course package expires - whichever comes first.

Are your online courses helpful for ACER exams?

Yes they certainly are. ACER style exams really focus on reasoning and thinking while incorporating quite simple patterns/mathematical questions. We focus on strong thinking skills.

Your information says it covers NSW Selective and Yr 5 and 6 merit test for do I know the whole package is relevant for Melbourne High exams and not just a part of it? Because NSW exams are tougher and the yr 5 & 6 may be easier?

The course covers everything we think you need to know to go into the exam and do well. It covers the base knowledge and then extends for additional components e.g. the year 9 extension. Actually, things like reasoning are based on rigour and logic that once learned can be applied at all levels - it's not curriculum based like in schools (where your learn by grade - with the exception of maths).

When you say the NSW exams are 'tougher', that's because the NSW exams really focus on logical rigour and 'thinking for yourself' as opposed to learning a curriculum which anyone with a text book can do. That's where we differ and get results - our focus is on developing rigorous thinking skills.

If we complete certain units but want to go back to previous units, can we do that? How long are the videos available to us? Can they be downloaded?

Yes - that's what we wanted as students often have to reinforce their knowledge. You can revisit the unit whenever you like. It's like having the ultimate text book in video format and you can flip ahead or back whenever you need. Access is granted for a period of six months. If you need an extension it is $19 per month for an individual course or $39 per month to have your whole package extended per month.

No the videos cannot be downloaded, everything is available to access on the site.

Is there a discount if we want to buy more than 2 packages? If I plan to buy all packages, it comes upto almost $700/- which is quite pricey

There is a plan that includes all 7 courses in 1 package (full package) that is $349.99 (pre-sale price before 1 November 2014) that provides a saving of 50% ($350). If you buy individual packages it comes $700.

Individual packages are there as sometimes, students may only need to polish up on one area and this provides them with that polishing up.

We price our products based on the work involved to prepare them and we put in alot of effort as shown by our results and reviews from students and parents. When you think about it, we are value for money compared to other providers as:

  1. Hendersons charge around $180 - $270 for a 1-day workshop on 1 subject only. Ours is $150 and students have access for six months AND they can revisit whenever they need.
  2. James An's selective trial test course cost around $1090 for four subjects over a 10-week term (Herald Sun 2013). Exam Success' full package is $449 which includes +3 more subject but also $641 LESS expensive than James An.
  3. According to a Sydney Morning Herald article, "Mr Mysore said he had spent about $3000 to help prepare his son, who went to coaching for four hours a week, for the selective exam." (Herald Sun 2013). Exam Success' course is less than 1/3 of the cost and doing the full package (7 courses) over 6 months would take around 3.5 hours per week.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the teacher. I've heard stories where students have a good teacher at a tuition school and when they don't they don't really take much in.

At Exam Success, we make sure that what your child is watching is effective so that they get the best learning possible and preparation for their exam.

I wonder if you've any way to check the student work and help to rectify he / she may be making ...

There are detailed solutions and explanations (via video and some via text) for all practice questions. We encourage students to compare their work against the provided solutions. There's also 5 writing ranking + feedback provided as part of the course packages. One of the best ways for your child to learn is to check their own work and understand why a particular answer is correct. I've actively encouraged my past students to do this, this is what's helped them to achieve school spots, but beyond that, an interest in life-long learning.

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