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Master key concepts, learn tried-and-tested exam strategies, and get a feel of the real exam with 200+ practice questions per course – all in one place. Our online courses are the only test prep you'll need.


Logically organised in checkpoints, all online courses include straightforward instructions in simple language to keep you on track. It's almost like having your own private tutor at your fingertips.


Make the most of every minute. Study anytime, anywhere on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. Need to review the concept? No problem. All courses are available for 6 months from the purchase date so that you can prep at your own pace.

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70% Will Fail To Get In And Here Are The 3 Most Overlooked Reasons Why

It's no secret that elite schools and high-end jobs have become crowded places. There are more applicants now than ever before, making it more and more difficult to get through and succeed.

The worst part?

It's not enough to be smart, earn straight "A" s at school, and put as much work as one can. Every year, we get more and more emails from brilliant students, high achievers, and their parents who seemed to do everything right yet failed to be one of the lucky 30% who got a scholarship, selective school place, or a job offer.

What's going on here?

What separates top performers in that 30% from everyone else?

We've carefully analysed the responses from students to find whether those who failed have things in common. In the end, we've found that all these high achieving students made the same three mistakes:

Mistake 1: Sloppy Exam Preparation

This is the main reason why many students who are 'smart' at school fail their entrance/final exams.

When you're about to take a competitive exam, it's not enough to just study. You need to get efficient and strategic with your test prep to make every minute count.

How to do that? By setting up a study plan, targeting the right areas, and practicing exam strategy.

Mistake 2: Poor Time Management

While most students will get the questions right without a time limit, they don't consider that they're racing against the clock.

No matter what competitive exam you're preparing for: selective school test, scholarship exam, police test, or ADF You Session Aptitude Test, all of them will test your speed. Without learning efficient exam strategy and shortcut tricks, you're wasting precious time. And wasted time = low scores you don't deserve.

Mistake 3: Wrong Guidance

In 2018, a report obtained by the ABC found that "prospective teaching students had an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) that was often as low as 0 to 19". This is well below a pass mark. Most teachers are not experts in exam strategy or reasoning, and many of them have never sat a competitive exam.

Getting the wrong guidance means you'll miss out on the invaluable knowledge from experts who sat the test and aced it, and who can teach you to do the same.

So...How Can You Get Into That Successful 30% Group?

Hours of cramming the study material?

Never-ending drill practice with a stopwatch?

A set of random exam strategies?

There are so many options as to where to start and what to focus on that it gets overwhelming. That's exactly why so many struggle with setting up a solid test prep routine and fail their exams in the end.

Now, imagine this:

  • You don't have to worry about what concepts to revise and master – because you've got step-by-step checkpoints to cover that are optimised for your specific exam.
  • You don't need to play guesswork with what types of questions to practice – because you've got a similar-to-your-exam questions created based on past exam papers and designed to monitor your progress.
  • You don't need to risk your exam score to see what strategies work and what don't – because you'll be shown the most efficient shortcuts that are proven to save time and boost scores.

Imagine you could skip the boring organisational part and focus on what matters – studying the essential concepts, improving your problem-solving, and getting REAL results.

Get the right test prep. See courses for your exam developed by experts!

Introducing Exam Success Online Courses

The Stress-Free Way To Get Into The Top 30% Group & Achieve Your Academic Goals

Say goodbye to sloppy exam preparation with no structure and direction. Say hello to the best online learning programs fully optimised for your competitive exam. It's almost like having your private on-demand tutor at a fraction of the price.

You'll love studying with Exam Success online courses. Here's why:

Comprehensive & Logically Structured

Preparing for a competitive exam is like shooting in the dark. Exam Success online courses improve your aim by shedding light on what's waiting for you on test day - all logically structured into checkpoints.

Here's how each online course works:

  1. Master and revise important concepts through expert-created video lessons;
  2. Monitor your understanding and progress on each checkpoint through practice drills – timed or untimed, your choice;
  3. Check your answers by watching in-depth video explanations for each question so you can improve;
  4. Make a list of what you've gotten wrong and repeat steps 1-3;
  5. Finally, get a taste of the authentic exam with a mock test.

With Exam Success online courses, you're not only getting a fully optimised study roadmap available at your fingertips. We're also sharing our own tried-and-tested short-cuts and exam approaches for your maximum advantage over the competition.

Created By Experts

You'll be learning from the best-in-class tutors that know your exam inside out.

The courses are led by a former selective school student, University of Melbourne scholar (one of the top-ranked universities in Australia) with ATAR score of 96.04 who studied logic and reasoning from a prominent logician at the University.

Fit Around Your Schedule

Forget about long commutes to tutoring centers. All Exam Success courses are available online, which means you can study for your competitive exam anytime, anywhere.

Need to go through a topic again? No problem, the courses are available for up to 6 months from the purchase date. If you need more than 6-month access, extensions are available for $20.90/month for individual courses or for $42.90/month for packages, irrespective of the package purchased.


Stay on track with your exam preparation for written expression - one of the hardest components of a selective school and scholarship test.

Want to write towards A+ essays? We'll score and provide a revised essay along with written feedback to a set number of your essays. This set number is detailed in the course package description. Check out an example of scoring and feedback on a past essay (valid for course packages of 4 or more courses only).

Exam Success' online courses are designed to help you or your child get closer to the winning 30% group. And we've helped many before you - see success stories from our students, The Sydney Morning Herald (2019).

Don’t take our word for it.
Read why successful students choose Exam Success...

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! your ADF aptitude test online was a great help. I passed my YOU Session and got all my job preferences!!! ~ Emma T. sat ADF You Session Aptitude Test (2020)

...absolutely loves it...the thing is the Exam success really really helped him. Jaze has gotten into [selective school in WA] ~ Sonny, parent of Jaze (2019)

Get the right test prep. See courses for your exam developed by experts!

How Our Online Courses Work

Step 1. Select your exam/subject area

Find your exam/subject area from the list below. Get a special bundle deal on course packages (bonus included) or select an individual course. Each course includes video instructions, practice drills with easy-to-follow explanations and secret exam tricks, performance monitoring, and a final mock test - created by experts and optimised for a host of high school entrance exams, selective school tests, scholarship exams and career aptitude tests such as those required for high-paying jobs in the Defence Force.

Step 2. Complete purchase

For course packages: Click the "Choose Items" button and select individual courses for your package. Once you've selected your courses, click the "Buy Now" button. Enter your email, billing address, and payment details.
For individual courses: click the "Buy Now" button. Enter your email, billing address, and payment details.
Your payment is secure - we use a PCI Level 1 payment processor, which is the best-in-class and provides the highest form of security.

Step 3. Access immediately

Get immediate online access to your online course/course package for a set period of 6 months after the purchase date.

Step 4. Study, Practice & Review

Study with video lectures, test what you've learned in every module with practice questions, and review the comprehensive answers and in-depth video explanations to learn from your mistakes and boost your score. Want to be challenged? Try practicing against the clock and perfect your time-management skills.

Step 5. ACE your exams

Well done. Next destination: your dream school/job!

Expert-Created Online Courses To Crush Your Next Competitive Exam

With Exam Success online courses, you or your child will always be prepping with the best tried-and-tested study materials based on selective test papers, ACER/Edutest scholarship past papers, and career aptitude tests.

Stop guessing and start boosting your exam score - today.

See online courses available now for your exam and specific subjects like abstract reasoning and reading comprehension.

Select your exam
Abstract Reasoning (Non-Verbal Reasoning) Online Test Preparation Course

Confused by those alien-looking non-verbal reasoning questions? This self-paced online abstract reasoning course will walk you through everything you need to know to sail through your upcoming aptitude test.

Get ready to:

  • learn all sorts of patterns typical for an abstract reasoning test
  • find out how to approach questions strategically
  • discover time-saving tips and tricks to maximise your score.

With hundreds of test-like question samples and detailed answers, you'll get ample practice to work through even the most difficult puzzles and avoid the pitfalls commonly used in entrance exams for selective schools and scholarships.

Great for:

  • NSW HSPT (General Ability)
  • Academic Assessment Services scholarship and selective schools assessments
  • ACER scholarships and selective schools exams like Perth Modern, WA GATE and Brisbane State High School (when sitting the exam in Year 6).
  • NSW Police Force Test
  • Vic Police Test and PSO Test

After purchase, you gain immediate access to your course for 6 months to get a head start on your test prep.

The price above is inclusive of 10% GST. If you are purchasing for use outside of Australia, at checkout, you'll be charged the amount without GST

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Exam Success offers highly effective and easy-to-understand study materials that help students build study skills, master effective exam strategies, and develop confidence for their important exam day.

Created by experts, Exam Success is your one-stop-shop for your best test preparation, ever.

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Check out the FAQs from Real Customers

How does the extension work? I need more than 6 months — It's great that you're planning ahead. Once you buy a course or a course package, you can access your online study materials for 6 months from the date of purchase. You can extend your courses online. The pricing for renewing your access to study materials (beyond the original 6-month term) is as follows: for individual courses - $20.90 per month and for originally purchased course package - $42.90 per month.

How do we get more practice worksheets to work on? The videos are helpful but we need more practice material to practice under time constrraints [sic]. — Each course includes a minimum of 10 questions x 17 checkpoints = 170 questions (some courses/checkpoints have more). The final checkpoints (Checkpoint 18) is the practice exam with approximately 30-45 questions for the Year 7 exams and 50-65 questions for Year 9 exams (the exact number of practice questions depends on the course). Each course is designed to provide all the practice questions you require to prepare effectively for the competitive exam.
Parents don't often realise that doing too many practice questions is not always a good thing.
First, students are more likely to skim over the question and 'do it' when faced with hundreds of practice drills as opposed to understanding the logic more deeply. Understanding the logic leads to Exam Success!
Secondly, doing too many practice questions is overwhelming. Some tuition centres focus on doing practice exam after practice exam, leaving their students frustrated and tired.
I've seen this problem happen a lot where parents buy heaps of practice material and become confused and stressed, not knowing where to start. Focus on quality of practice questions over quantity, and your child will be less stressed, more focused and better prepared for the exam. It's about studying smarter, not harder!

Who is checking the completed tests/worksheets? Also how do we get feedback and further improvement points and areas? — Exam Success online courses are self-paced and offer you or your child the freedom to work independently. Thus, they should be the ones checking through the completed tests/worksheets. The checking process is very simple yet powerful: (1) Complete the worksheet and (2) Watch the explanatory video with a solution.
The explanatory videos will show the correct answer and, most importantly, how to get to the right answer.
If the student made a mistake, the video will help them pick up where they've gone wrong in their solutions to help them improve next time they are faced with a similar question.
It's really important that students go through explanatory videos because it's the understanding that helps them in the exam.
Some tuition centres never fully explain their solutions (we've helped students that used to go to these centres). They simply correct homework sheets with a tick or cross, so the only feedback that students get is a number. That's useless because how will they know where or how to improve? Instead, we go in-depth into EACH question to help students understand how to get to the answer.

What about the explanations for any incorrectly answered questions? — Again, students will get an explanation on how to get to the correct answer as they go through the solutions video. Naturally, they will see why a certain answer is wrong or why their reasoning was incorrect.

If you wish to purchase whole package, how much time (approx.) should it take for my 10yr old to complete all the units? I understand it is go at your own pace, but considering he would have to sit academic merit test for state high (Brisbane) mid next year ((I think), need to be mindful of time — If you have the time to spare (for example, 6 months), I'd recommend 3.5 hours each weekend. Each course has 18 checkpoints, and there are 7 courses altogether.
If you have 3 months until the exam, I'd recommend doing a checkpoint per day (if doing the full package of 7 courses).
Some students say it takes on average 37 hours to complete one course (for 7 courses, that would be 210 hours). So potentially, your child could do the course full time during the summer holiday period and beyond.

How does your writing scoring & feedback work? — After purchase, we'll get notifications of any essays that you write when you click on the button to request your scoring. Once we get your request online, we'll score and provide feedback for those essays up until the quota or until your course package expires - whichever comes first. Details about how to do this are provided in your dashboard after purchase.

Are your online courses helpful for ACER exams? — Yes, because past students who have sat ACER exams have used our courses and successfully obtained scholarships or school offers. ACER style competitive exams focus on reasoning and thinking while incorporating quite simple patterns/mathematical questions. All our online courses focus on strong thinking skills.

Your information says it covers NSW Selective and Yr 5 and 6 merit test for do I know the whole package is relevant for Melbourne High exams and not just a part of it? Because NSW exams are tougher and the yr 5 & 6 may be easier? — The course covers everything we think you need to know to sit the exam and do well. It covers the base knowledge and then extends for additional components e.g., the Year 9 extension.
Actually, things like reasoning are based on rigour and logic. These skills are not curriculum-based, like in schools (where you learn by grade - except for maths). Once you master the skills, you can apply them at all levels.
When you say the NSW exams are 'tougher', that's because the NSW exams really focus on logical rigour and 'thinking for yourself' as opposed to learning a curriculum, which anyone with a textbook can do.
That's where we differ and get results - our focus is on developing rigorous thinking skills.

If we complete certain units but want to go back to previous units, can we do that? How long are the videos available to us? Can they be downloaded? — We understand that students often have to reinforce their knowledge, which is why we made our test prep courses truly flexible. You can revisit the unit whenever you like. It's like having the ultimate textbook in video format, and you can flip ahead or back whenever you need it.
Access is granted for a period of six months. You can extend your access for $20.90 per month for an individual course or $42.90 per month for the whole course package.
No, the videos cannot be downloaded. Everything is available to access on the site.

Is there a discount if we want to buy more than 2 courses? If I plan to buy all courses, it comes up to almost $700/- which is quite pricey — There is a plan that includes all 7 courses in 1 package (full package) providing a saving of around $600. If you buy individual courses, it comes to $1000+.
Individual courses are there as sometimes, students may only need to polish up on only one study area.
We price our products based on the work involved to prepare them, and we put in a lot of effort, as shown by our results and reviews from students and parents. When you think about it, our online courses are value for money compared to other exam preparation providers as:
1. Hendersons charge around $215+ for a 1-day workshop on 1 subject only. Our courses are ~$160, and students have access for six months, AND they can revisit whenever they need.
2. James An's selective trial test course cost around $1200 (2020), for four subjects over a 10-week term (Herald Sun 2013). Exam Success' full package is ~$500, which includes +3 more subjects but also ~$600 LESS expensive than James An.
3. According to a Sydney Morning Herald article, "Mr Mysore said he had spent about $3000 to help prepare his son, who went to coaching for four hours a week, for the selective exam." (Herald Sun 2013). Exam Success' course is less than 1/3 of the cost, and doing the full package (7 courses) over 6 months would take around 3.5 hours per week.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to the teacher. I've heard stories where students have a good teacher at a tuition school, but when they don't, they don't really learn much.
At Exam Success, we make sure that what your child is watching is effective so that they get the best learning possible and preparation for their competitive exam.

I wonder if you've any way to check the student work and help to rectify he / she may be making ... — Each course includes detailed solutions and explanations via video for each practice question. We encourage students to compare their answers against the provided solutions.
Online course packages also include scoring and written feedback on a set number of your child's essays.
One of the best ways for your child to learn is to check their own work and understand why a particular answer is correct. I've actively encouraged my past students to do this, and this strategy helped them win school spots. Beyond academic achievements, they also developed an interest in life-long learning.

Couldn’t find the answer to your question? Please let us know on the contact form below.

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