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Vilas Bhoge reviewed on Google

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that my daughter, did clear Academic Entry Level Exam for Year 7 appearing in Year 5 for Brisbane State High School. Apart from her focused and disciplined Hard Work would like to mention that Exam Success played a Pivotal role in getting her concepts right and specially helping her to understand what is expected format when you appear for such competitive exams.
We were not satisfied with the level of preparation routine we planned for her and felt need for some extra push and focused effort which will assist her to give fair go when she appears for exam.
Exam Success really filled up that VOID and especially the Sample Essay's and provision to submit essays when you purchase Full Video package really assisted us , she really got bottom assessment score from Exam Success when she submitted her first essay and that was eye opener..Detail Video course really helped her to understand what is expected to get that top score .
For Brisbane High we purchased Video Package compromising
1] Reading Comprehension
2] Mathematics
3] Creative Writing
4] Discussion and Argumentative Writing
Would encourage to consider course 4 as though not listed on BSHS Site she got and essay on type 4 which she did on her own as we did spent less time on that but would suggest to complete all 4 courses.
Mathematics was another ice breaker as Detail Video lessons followed by assignments and their solutions helped her to understand new methods and concepts..
Though their are many online options available ..but I would rate exam success as the Best Guide for competitive exam as they really understand what is expected and how much hours of training each student has to put in ..if you explore their site you would also find detail schedule mentioning about the routine that needs to be followed and that's impressive....helps to understand especially to our kids that its not easy but not impossible as well.. if they try really hard and stay focused.
I found Exam Success really flexible in their approach and all our request were never declined and accommodated as best as they can..i appreciate them for that...Approach is never that you pay and you get what is listed, they make sure your requirements are properly addressed to satisfaction. Best Wishes to all Future applicants for BSHS.

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Uma Guduru reviewed on Google

Hi Vi, Thanks a lot for your training for my son prudhvi. The writing club helped him a lot. He got into Brisbane State High and also into Queensland Academies. I have recommended couple of my friends and they have enrolled their kids into writing clubs. I will continue to use your resources .Thanks a lot

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Lucia Fagundes reviewed on Google

"Congratulations to your team and a special thank you to you, Vi Nguyen. My son had a very short time for the exam preparation and I am glad I found this website which is really helpful. The dedication and the efforts you have extended in supporting him was above the expectations, always responding his inquiries promptly and the issues very well explained. The material provided is great and helped a lot as well. Thank you again. Sincerely. L.Matayoshi. "

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