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a fatal selfie
by anonymous
Ranked 7.97

Today was the day of the marathon and my dad had joined so I wanted to support him. It was a cold morning however the crowd were very excited which seemed to warm me up. The runners were warming up for the long run ...

The Race
by Viana
Ranked 7.86

Today was the day of the race. I ran around the oval, as sweat dripped down my back and my coach held the timer shouting orders at me. Finally, I had finished my last lap so then it was time for my mother to drive me ...

by Vinh
Ranked 7.28

The day of the race had finally arrived. Julia was so nervous, she kept jumping around and mumbling random words. Was she ready? What would happen if she came last? Suddenly, she found herself imagining everyone mocki...

One Everyday Action Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.14

Suddenly, the starter lifted the starter gun high into the air and pressed the button, followed by a loud bang and a blur of arms and legs. The crowd burst with excitement, screaming and cheering and even myself, wh...

The race
by anonymous
Ranked 7.06

Katy’s legs hurt after a long day of interschool sport. She had just finished competing against the best runners in the state so she had been absolutely exhausted, her body was smarting and she could collapse on the f...

Charge !!! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.8

Early in the morning, like every normal day I was reading our local newspaper. I always skipped to the comics page first before reading the other articles. But today especially something caught my eye on the first pag...

by Arturo Garcia
Ranked 6.54

As Tammy finished typing her essay on the computer she spotted an ad about fundraising for cancer. she zoomed her cursor across the page and signed herself and her brother Jo up for the event. Tammy walked briskl...

An Arduous Run
by Eddie
Ranked 6.51

Footsteps deafened the city. The marathon began. Heads thronged the streets like an ant infestation. Sabrina was rapidly rapping her feet on the slippery concrete, hardly able to stay on her feet. Sabrina's shiny, bea...

by Nicholas
Ranked 6.29

TWEET! The whistle blew. The annual marathon officially started. A flash of yellow, followed by a deafening roar of the audience, suddenly took off towards the finish line. I watched from my seat in the stands, tensio...

by Budhi
Ranked 6.12

Everybody packed like sardines in a tin. Sweat dripping of my face. My legs turn to jelly but I must go on. My breath getting heavier and heavier. I have an uncomfortable feeling in my body. I lift my long thick ginge...

The Race
by Sylar
Ranked 6.09

One day there was a race. The race determined which group would take charge for the charity group. The group that won would be in charge of the other groups, they got to organise all events they would also get the mos...

by Aarush Dasyam
Ranked 6.05

I'm so close. Sprinting, not looking back. I run and run on and on. I have to win this. No matter what it takes. Scoffing at the other runners, I start walking, knowing am so close to the finish and everybody else is ...

by Dheeraj
Ranked 5.62

The day of the marathon was coming up, and I was participating in it thanks to my parents. So I was kind of an athletic, and in races I always come first. I'm the state champion for year 7. My parents say " you got a ...

James the Bully fighter
by anonymous
Ranked 5.42

James was the youngest brother in his family, he had three elder brothers who always used to bully him. Fred his oldest brother always used to bully him the most. James was a child who was adopted by his his wicked un...

by anonymous
Ranked 5.31

The sun peeked out and glared down on us. A hot breeze picked up, sending heat onto our scorching skin. Many competitors lined up at the starting line of the marathon. And I was one of them. Sweat poured down my face ...

A Charge towards charity .
by clxxdie
Ranked 5.02

There are many marathons I can choose to run in but which one? I stood there while hesitantly holding the pen in my hand to put my name for the marathon charity running event. I close my eyes and point to a random one...

The big marathon
by Anonymous2010

It was a normal Saturday and Tom just herd the news that his town was running out of money. Tom looked in disbelief with a huge frown on his face. Then Tom found the news that the town would be shut down and nobody c...

A Charge towards Charity.
by clxxdie

Have you ever wondered how charities are able to fund people with as much luxury as they can? Well one of these ways is by holding marathons to raise money for cancer, homeless and so much more! What draws the at...

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