Sample Essays

Fly or spying
by anonymous
Ranked 8.46

The silent, camouflaged drone hovered a few metres above Matt as he swung his tennis racquet at the tennis ball. Matt was the school's champion tennis player and he was getting ready for the season ahead by practising...

the drone
by anonymous
Ranked 8.19

Once in a neighbourhood in Australia, there was a boy named William. He was really curious about everything around him. One day he heard an annoying buzz outside he quickly rushed outside. He thought it was a bee bu...

by Bryan
Ranked 7.9

Something blurry hovered among the tree, it was silent but at first I didn't notice, I was too busy playing soccer with my friends. I smiled as the ball that I kicked slammed through the back of the net. I was going t...

Flying Or Spying
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 7.89

Plot: Some criminals are planning to secretly steal a lot of gold, but Tim finds out while flying his drone and tells the police. Paragraph 1: Tim goes flying his drone. Paragraph 2: The drone flies around. Paragra...

My Drone Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.88

The bright green wrapping paper fell away and I hardly dared to look at what was in my last Birthday present for the year. Finally pulling my eyes away form the wall I had been staring at, I saw a shiny white box. Cha...

The Drone
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 7.48

The heavy morning breeze blew past, as my family layed down our belongings on the bristly green grass. While my family pulled out our tent and started putting it up, I slipped away from them and marched to the centr...

The Two Teams
by Chris
Ranked 7.27

The two teams angrily stared at each other, everyone had a map of the bank, where all the money was. The two teams stampeded away from each other and left the gray, concrete room. The first team wanted to send a steal...

Flying or Spying
by anonymous
Ranked 7.0

Leo sat inside the middle of his garage, gathering some metal parts for his next invention. He lived in an extremely hot place in the country and loved making inventions out of some parts he had. He sat down at his ta...

Flying Or Spying
by Mizuki
Ranked 7.0

Nikola always woke up and got his drone ready. He would jump out of her bed and start to play with his drone and remote. His mind was always absorbed by the drone he never paid any attention to what others had to say....

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.6

My eyesids were forced open by the bright sunlight shining on my face. I stood up from the rocky ground, emerged from my tent and looked around the dry landsape, my body aching and let my body strech itself. Not only ...

My Flying Neighbours
by Michael Le
Ranked 6.56

My neighbour always loved to use drones, but I was growing suspicious. Every morning they would fly their drone around the street. I suspected that my neighbour were spying on us. One night I went to our neighbour...

The war within our squad
by anonymous
Ranked 6.53

Zzzzzrrn the pale white outline of the small manually piloted drone zipped back and forth on the horizon, slowly drawing closer and closer to the top secret us army installation on the remote island of Charò. Then sud...

The letter
by anonymous
Ranked 6.52

Cleaning a room in his house, Liam noticed a filthy pile of unread letters, decided reluctantly to sort some out, and slouched over before grabbing a handful and sinking into his broken worn out armchair. He carelessl...

Course package
by Venkat
Ranked 6.5

The Drone Tim screamed with joy, he had finally finished his spy drone. Just then, Tom, who ha...

flying or spying
by sid
Ranked 6.42

The rough doors of the secure bank door shatter as 3 thieves loot money from the vault and run out with their heavy bags. They get on their fast cars and rush to a bottomless forest, where no one wants to Endeavor b...

Flying Or Spying
by anonymous
Ranked 6.41

One blazing hot day Tom decided to order a new drone with a camera and infinite battery. the drone cost Tom a whopping $3000000. Tom muttered to himself "this is a reasonable price for the drone". So the next day Toms...

The Unfortunate Drone
by anonymous
Ranked 6.37

I could barely sleep, the storm raged on while the wind howled. I tried and tried to sleep but there was no use, this house was haunted anyways. Any living being who lived here had suffered a gruesome fate or either l...

Bording Course package
by Jatin
Ranked 4.93

I was looking outside of the airport window and i saw a drone it had a flag of another country and i could bearly see the milatary use only sticker on it. it was hovering around the millatry base next to the airport a...

Course package
by anonymous

My eyesids were forced ppen by the bright sunlight shining on my face. I stood up from the rocky ground and looked around the dry landsape, my body aching and let my body strech itself. Not only did the bright sunligh...

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