Sample Essays

Window to the other side Course package
by Ajay
Ranked 8.08

by khem pathak
Ranked 8.04

I looked up. A bright red window probably larger than me was there high above inside the cave. I could hear it begging for me look through it. There was a huge part of me that told me to look through the window, howev...

The Boy From The Orphanage Course package
by Layth Nazha
Ranked 7.4

Life couldn't be better. Jake had everything he ever wanted, he was rich and he could brag. Every day Jake would brag about his golden carriage and his extremely swift horses in front of everyone. His family's house w...

Francis World Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.36

Francis stared out of the barred window overlooking the valley; the luscious green hills decorated by an array of coloured flowers. She gripped the black iron bars, her little model brass bicycle perched on the window...

The other side of the window Writing Club Course package
by Eden
Ranked 6.83

It was a bright cold day in April, where birds chirping filled the air while the winds gentle whispers brushed past my cheeks. I sprinted across to the play area, which was about to be taken down. My golden hair was n...

The Cookie-Shaped Window Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.94

I saw a pudgy face looking at me through the cookie-shaped window on the wall of my kennel. I barked, and he smiled, his eyes gleaming with happiness. However, he didn't give me food; the necessity I need. I was starv...

The Window of Escape
by Naomi
Ranked 6.85

A man waved as the door shut on Kali and I, as we tied our hair in messy ponytails and prepared to face the challenges in the room of no escape. The clock was ticking as we spotted a window in the wall. It seemed as t...

A Window to the Other Side Course package
by Carolyn
Ranked 6.79

It was the school holidays and Phoebe was everything but excited. Her family always abandoned Phoebe at her grandparents' house where her grandma cooked peculiar foods. When her grandpa was napping and her grandma was...

A window to the other side
by Sean
Ranked 6.56

I had always wondered what was behind the window separating our street from something and now I was going to look through it. The window was a restricted place because those who looked through it never returned. My pa...

Sample essay for QUESTION 29 - A window to the other side by LEWISCARROLL1 Writing Club Course package
by Sayori
Ranked 6.0

Drops of precipitation gathered in a clump around the window for a small child had been pressing her face against it all day. Having only set foot outside her house a handful of times the small child would often spend...

Outside Course package
by Cooper
Ranked 6.19

Happiness doesn’t exist in my world… it was just a fairy tale here. The filthiness of my home was disheartening to look at, never had I seen a person who could unfold the beauty of this city or even if this city eve...

A window to the other side Writing Club Course package
by JKRowling2
Ranked 5.67

Sam ran towards the playground as Amy went racing after him, and I was right behind her my golden fur flying in the cool afternoon breeze. The people that been in our park for the past week making strange noises, were...

A window to the other side Writing Club Course package
by JKRowling3
Ranked 5.57

Josh was exploring a house for sale when he came across a window. It was one window but quartered. It glowed with blue light in the dark corner where it sat. Josh’s instincts told him to move away but his curiosity g...

The weird window Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 5.81

Liam was always so curious. There was a window. It was tinted as dark as could be. Even though he looked, ever so closely, he couldn't see through. Now you may be thinking that he could break the glass, but that wasn'...

The Treehouse Free Course package
by helen
Ranked 5.0

The rays of the evening sun lit up the trees of the park, and comfortably nestled in one was a small metal treehouse. It was a ruby-red cube, with a star-shaped window on a wall and a broken, rotted rope ladder suspen...

A window to the other side Writing Club
by EBWhite3
Ranked 4.83

I have heard many rumors and stories about the playground near our school. Many people think that it is haunted, but I never really believe anything they say. Especially about some kind of red wall. Today I am going t...

the window to the other side
by Alex.W
Ranked 5.34

Kids ran around the playground spewing dirt and and dust into the air. The park had just got redeveloped and everything was shiny and new. A young naive child was not in the mood for playing around and having fun. He ...

A window to the other side
by xsaber
Ranked 5.25

Toby and I glanced up at our finished structure. We stared and admired the components of the tree house that made it so beautiful and stand out in the lush oak tree located in front of my house. I was especially proud...

The other world Writing Club
by Elaria
Ranked 4.67

I have always thought what that door in a small room, forbidden for anyone to enter, leads you to. It has ten locks and 5 wooden planks nailed to it and two guards, so it was really hard to get past it . Until one day...

A Window to the Other Side
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 5.13

I was in the massive playground, the playground had many secret parts and passageways. I had explored every one I could find, except one. There was a star shaped hole in the red plastic in one of the many mazes. I sti...

The Window to the Other Side Course package
by Tony
Ranked 5.07

“Come back here, Liam!” Liam stomped his foot and sprinted out of the house with burning cheeks. He heard the voice of yelling, the call of his name, but he didn’t turn back until he reached the playground. Finally, h...

Another Life Course package
by Nikki
Ranked 5.0

The boy peered through the playground peek-a-boo window, frowning, confused. “Johnny, are you alright?” his mum called from past the slide. “Yeah,” he replied without turning around. Through the other side of...

A window to the other side Course package
by AndyG
Ranked 4.33

I had heard rumours about the broken-down asylum next to my house, kids said it was haunted. If you enter it and explore the asylum, when you come back, a window appears in front of you and you see a girl with no eyes...

A Window to the Outside World
by anonymous
Ranked 4.9

As my cold, dirty feet kicked the dusty floor, I wonder about what had happened. The only recollection I successfully acquired from my mind was that I was being taken roughly by two bulky men, into where I am now. A d...

A window to the other side Writing Club Course package
by Siddharth
Ranked 4.17

Mike had arrived at the indoor playground. He peered through the flower shape window outside the play equipment. The 6-year old was baffled on an entrance in. He grinned as he saw in there, was an immense ball pit. He...

The secret world Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 4.0

"Oh Dick! Can't you do anything!" shouted Dick's mum. Dick sighed as his mum shouted at him again. His mum pushed Dick to the limit. She always forced him to do things that were a standard for a much older age. Thin...

The Teleporting Device Writing Club Course package
Ranked 4.0

Tears dribbled down my face looking at the photos about the most well known teleporter in the world. The teleporter has been there for generations and I am looking at the photos when my ancestors went there. I wonder ...

The other side of the window Writing Club Course package
by Eden
Ranked 3.83

Rays of evening sunlight brightened up the trees of the park, comfortably fitting through a window in the box. Inside it was a 6-year-old child, isolated in a cheery-red box on the tree tops ever since he could rememb...

Question 29 - Window to the other side
by Joe
Ranked 4.43

The sun was setting on the park. Kids ran around the playground, spewing dirt and dust into the air. The park was really old and rusty, and everything was aging. Most of the children laughed and played together, havin...

A Window to the Other Side
by Shreyas
Ranked 4.41

This is the story of a 3 year old boy who looks into the other side of his life. He had pleaded to his mother about what his future would be like, and because of his desperate pleading, his mother decided to take him ...

Sample Essay for QUESTION 29-A Window To The Other Side by GAYATRI Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 3.67


Course package
by Eric
Ranked 3.67

As I peered through the murky window of the house beside mine, I saw a lavish, luxury room. I saw a life surrounded by money and fun. This of course was very different to my life as I was a poor boy (with loving pa...

A window to the other side.... Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 3.5

I hopped happily to the playground with my dad, I ran onto the swing and flew high in the air. I realised something, there was a new compartment in the playground. It looked like I was the first to go in it, there was...

No Escape Routes Writing Club
by JKRowling1
Ranked 3.5

"Detention!" Mrs Stokes shrieked as she fixed her eyes sternly on Harry. He got sent to the principal's office. The principle scowled him and Harry sat on the wooden chair while the principal went to get his Milo that...

Through the Window-Ragdoll Land Course package
by grace walker
Ranked 3.87

What can be more frightening than a window? Well, we are going to find out. I stepped tediously closely to the window The frame glistened with its amethyst frame and the glass illuminated a bright shade of yellow. ...

Friends Writing Club Course package
by JKRowling4
Ranked 3.0

John was engaged in playing with his toy bricks, he had already made a mountainous stack with them, and kept adding more. Alas, his mountainous stack toppled over, John was upset. His nose had turned bright red and as...

A Window to the Other Side of the World
by anonymous
Ranked 3.56

Jesse, Joe and Danny were writing a book on their front porch, named "How does water penetrate the body". The boys were working and studying really hard on the book. Eventually, Danny got bored, and decided to play in...

A window to the other side.
by Midi
Ranked 2.65

I was walking through the forest with my friend John and found my self at an elevator. I looked at it and it looked quiet sketchy. I was longing to go down it but john didn't. So i went down by my self. It was bumpy a...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 1.67

Note: this isn't relating to picture prompt but word prompt. This is written with the intention of rhyme Through the small gap, I could see the sun shining down on everything except here. Here in the old, black & w...

A window to the other side. Course package
by Yenni

The future was not expected to be like this. Walls divided the eighteen nations, as they grew. Wars broke out all over the world, nukes landed heavily on the streets. At least where I live there is an invisible barrie...

The Dark Devourer (Edited) Course package
by Skyler Bui

Nothing has gone wrong for the entire year! All thanks to Leviathan. I only got attacked by twenty thousand vulture monsters and, a King giant vulture monster- before he blasted them out of the sky with his frost beam...

Emotional Change Course package
by anonymous

Today was the day that I would receive my boring grades on my tests. I was diagnosed with depression by my GP. Everyday, I just felt empty. I had no friends, no siblings and a closed, fixed, mindset. Sitting down at t...

by cats are the best

plan: what to do: A window to the other side. ph1: going to a new creepy but mystical house that used to belog to my granpa ph2: wondering around the house ph3: will to go through the window ph4: going through...

A window to the other side Course package
by anonymous

She started heading for the ocean edge and looked into the distance. She saw a raft shaped boat and a medium red flag in a foreign language flowing proudly above the sail. This is her opportunity. Le started walking t...

A Window to the Other Side by Shreyas
by Shreyas

Isaac, a young and cheeky 4-year-old child, always dreamed about knowing what his future would be like. He would constantly bug his mum about visiting a fortune teller, and when his mum always said no, he would say wh...

The hunt for the sibling
by anonymous

Everyday I escape from my parents regime and disappear through a window to the other side.Ever since we moved in I have been going over to the other side of the window. I found it when we first moved in, I had acciden...

The Monster on the other side
by rahul

Jimmy would always go to school with a smile streching side to side.His short black dark hair would be nicely brushed and his uniform cleaned.He had nice big choclate eyes and a bright yellow top.There was nothing sca...

The other world Writing Club
by Elaria

I have always thought what that door in a small room, forbidden for anyone to enter, leads you to. It has ten locks and 5 wooden planks nailed to it and two guards, so it was really hard to get past it . Until one day...

Passageway To... Where? Course package
by anonymous

Bob, Bober, Boberest and Bobina all gazed at the twenty-five meter mansion. It was the greatest thing they ever saw in their life. It was made out of beige-painted wood, and the lawn wa...

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