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Parkes Observatory Satellite: July 20, 1969
by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ PANDA ☆彡
Ranked 9.04

With my face tilted thirty degrees above the horizon, I was shaking with excitement as I scanned the horizon for the round silver object which normally would have seemed boring. I, the Parkes Observatory satellite dis...

Writing Club Course package
by Joshua Lakes
Ranked 8.98

Looking towards Earth, it reminded me of what Mars used to be like - oceans, trees, and wildlife galore. But then, our atmosphere got stripped by solar radiation. There weren’t many of us left, but the Earthlings’ sat...

Satellites Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.6

Joe looked out the window and up at the sky, amazed at how beautiful the moon was as he gazed to the stars far away, wondering if there was any life out there. He was the night shift operator of the MHC Satellite Cons...

The satellite dish Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.04

Josh was working at the satellite station to ensure that the communication in the country ran smoothly. He stayed at the satellite station to keep the dishes in working order. He worked all night because he knew that ...

The Satallite
by MrX
Ranked 7.03

The remnants of the satellite came into view, the left side charred beyond recognition, and a small field of shrapnel surrounding what's left of the Ceres' satellite 'Comet 9'. On the right side was a gaping hole, whi...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.01

Satellites I look up, gazing frantically at the boundless night sky. The moon shimmering in the distance, glowing brighter than fireworks, while the stars twinkle and glimmer dancing joyfully. I laid by my house ro...

Course package
by Susheel
Ranked 6.27

I had to act fast. The cyber-hack was going to commence any second. Quickly I set up the firewall and scoured it for any backdoors. If I didn't stop this SpaceX would lose control of their satellites and lose millions...

Haunted Satellite
by anonymous
Ranked 4.07

Satellite We have an old satellite in our village. It looks really creepy and looks like its been there for 100 years. I have heard stories that anyone that goes there never comes back. One day I ma...

The Old Gods
by Joselyn Wong
Ranked 3.51

I gripped the package tightly, my hands young and free again. Brown and crinkly, much too unhidden and simple for its value. Bold, bright red letters that read: TOP SECRET. A satellite chip, probably the most valuable...

Writing Club Course package
by Joshua Lakes

Watching the stars twinkle in the sky, Many moving objects passed overhead as bright glowing dots. Satellites. And soon, I was abou tto see one launch . Towering above the Desert plains, The rocket booster sat, waitin...

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