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A significant event Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.6

Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 7.93

It was almost like elimination. It started with 50 people voted by the students, then eliminated one by one by both students and teachers. Out of all his family, only Josh got to the final speech in Ovid college. It w...

A significant event Course package
by Jai
Ranked 7.88

A Significant Event
by anonymous
Ranked 7.51

The wheels of my skateboard rolled along the wood below as I zoomed around the skatepark. There was always one thing that I would always look at; it was a giant building that remained about one hundred metres away. I ...

The ceremony Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.44

As I attended to my fathers needs, I began to worry about the fate and future of the kingdom if the king died. A slideshow of memories flashed. The collapse, the rush for doctors, the king carried out of the room, unc...

Escaping Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.32

Amelia huddled tightly in the corner of the battered, wooden ship, shivering. Her blankets were wet from the ocean spray whilst the wind chilled the water. Taking once last glance at war-torn America, she settled into...

A significant event Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.27

Piles and piles of bills lay on my table, waiting to be read through. But suddenly, something caught my eye. It was a fancy envelope with laces and exquisite decoration. It was luring my hands to tear open it and see ...

Yes, finally! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.13

Alice and her team were a blur. They dashed everywhere to try and find the person responsible. Apparently, there were many disappearances of people’s possessions. The Crimes Stoppers was Alice’s team name and they wer...

My Dream Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.13

I walk over. My head hit my pillow with a thump. I remember it like it was yesterday, the polished marble, circular beams holding the building up, high ceiling with a million chandeliers all crowded in a pattern. A ce...

Olympic Games
by AllienK
Ranked 7.08

Aegeus was a sportsman from ancient Greece. Apart from that he also was an Olympic games victor and specialised in javelin, and was getting ready for the next Olympic Games. Aegeus was sweating, but the nice mountain ...

Just a Different Pirate
by Senatsu
Ranked 7.01

One of the pirate crews splashed water onto Arthur's clothes as he felt the coldness of the water dripping against his skin and woke up. He had to wake up early and clean the decks of the pirate ship everyday, or he ...

A mysterious night Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 6.78

I stepped onto the stage, my heart pounding with excitement ready to receive my award for the university of Flourish. I felt a beam of positive energy surrounding me and I could see my sister watching me and crying te...

The Hallway
by Jay
Ranked 6.63

Thump! Jacob and I landed on the stone ground face first. Noses bleeding, we walked until we found shelter. Well a big shelter- actually no, a mansion! The two of us beamed at the sight. The historic pillars stood hig...

Ranked 6.46

University graduations were going to be held in the Glasgow University. I pumped my hand up into the air, I was waiting for an adventure into the history like this one! While I was getting all the essential items for ...

by Fletcher Carstens
Ranked 6.45

It was the year 1936 and Franco was ruling Spain. Paulino Alcantara was threatened a death sentence if they did not let Real Madrid beat them. Later that day Barcelona 3 Real Madrid 0. Paulino had scored every single ...

The Lost Keys Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.01

Lily had finally reached then door of the cathedral. As her mother handed their tickets to a beaming lady in a bright green coat, Lily started up at the swirls and patterns in the sandstone roof and the vibrant colour...

Conference Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 5.36

The sandstone arches supported the stained-glass domed roof which allowed coloured light to pour in. I sat in my throne and raised my staff, bring it down to the ground. Everybody stopped their conversations ready to ...

by anonymous
Ranked 5.0

Guards lay strewn on the floor, unconscious, as a figure stepped over them swiftly. So far so good. His plan was going to work! He pushed open the doors and there in the centre of the room was his goal. He hesitated ...

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