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An embarrassing moment Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.17

Today the girls from Lucy’s sport class had a chance to showcase their skills to their sporting coach by playing a game of Dodge ball with the boys from Sydney High. The dodge balls were spread along the middle line o...

The beach Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.04

Max swam around in the beach with the waves pushing him back to the shore and felt the cold water engulfing him. He had spent the whole day at the beach and now the sun started to set and dusk was about to start. He c...

Course package
by DT
Ranked 8.02

The second I got home from school, I rushed to the piano to start practicing for the annual piano recital. Swinging my schoolbag to the side of the room, I jumped to the keyboard and started playing the melodies of ...

An Embarrassing Moment
by Esandi
Ranked 7.33

Here I am, flooding with tears, amidst thousands of hungry strangers. As I bawl my eyes out, customers watch me, while biting into their lunch. Their beady eyes staring at me like they are watching a movie, not even b...

Bad Birthday Boy
by Harsh Sharma
Ranked 7.43

“Please welcome the birthday boy, Tom Smith!” roared the announcer in a delighted voice. The enormous polished, medieval, oak doors of the banquet hall swung open with a creak. A young well-dressed man stepped out of ...

This is getting embarrassing… Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.88

My hands are shaking and my palms are sweating. Butterflies flutter in my stomach as I swallow nervously. ‘And that is why you should vote for me to be your school leader.’ The final words of the candidate before me b...

This is embarrassing Course package
by Susheel
Ranked 6.12

That was a long but well spent day. I'd just come home from school after winning a basketball game and topping the class in the Science quiz. I'd had a cool, refreshing bath, done all my homework and gone to sleep in ...

An embarrassing moment Course package
by Joyce
Ranked 5.96

It was a nice sunny day to begin with. Mary had inadvertently made her way through to an event that she could ever dream of - The state swimming competition. Mary can't stop herself from thinking about the one hundre...

Writing Club Course package
by Sandybas
Ranked 5.0

Plan: 1. Start of a race, needs to go to toilet 2. runs off track to toilet 3. came last, feels embarrassed 4. At least he did his duty I closed my eyes and tried to contain myself. "Just breath, breath," I t...

The most embarrassing moment Course package
by Kyu

Shopping bags swung back and forth as the wind spread around the area. Busy chatter was hanging in the air. The noise of footsteps scurrying in and out of the shops. People crowded on the escalators and queued up in f...

Course package
by PAN0023

Plan- dropping an easy catch in cricket and getting embarrassed. It was the day of the cricket finals. The whole season had lead up to this very day.We had spent restless hours practising and further nourishing ou...

‘An embarassing moment’ Course package
by PAN0023

‘This is getting embarassing’ he muttered to himself as Ricky finished off another one of his imperfect dance moves - The Orange Justice. ‘This was a bad idea’ he repetitively said to himself. After he finished his da...

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