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Oh no, not again Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.57

Time seemed to slow down as Ben’s foot slid across the slippery floor as the chatter of Ben’s family began to grow distant. “Smash!” Ben lay on the cold, concrete floor, small shards of ceramic piercing his skin. Groa...

Oh no... not again... Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.4

I looked outside my window at the dark and gloomy sky. It was pitch black, but the time was 10 am on my watch. Huge droplets of rain crashed onto my window. I had been sitting in that one spot waiting for the rain to ...

It happens again
by anonymous
Ranked 7.29

I was perched on the couch, cuddled up in my many blankets as if I were being packaged. In front of me, on the table, was hot chocolate steaming with goodness inside. Siting next to it, was mom's favourite vase. If it...

Oh no... not again... Course package
by Amul
Ranked 7.1

"Catch me if you can!" shouted Josh, as he raced around the dining table. Josh and his sister were racing each other at lightning speeds and though josh knew it was not wise he couldn't help play a speedy game of tag....

Broken Course package
by T
Ranked 6.76

The child was slowly eting his food. He was always a slow eater. He started with the meat first, because if he went for it last, it would be cold by then. He then moved on to the vegetables. He was never a picky eater...

by UAB
Ranked 6.09

I've already known moving houses is never an easy thing, especially the first move which is generally the most important. My first move was leaving my house of eighteen years, the memories I have cherished in that pla...

Course package
by Millie
Ranked 6.03

"Oh no," I thought, "not again!" I had just bumbed the small table in the hallway and I must have done it pretty hard as well, as the new, blue vase sitting on top of it fell and smashed into a million pieces on the g...

Escaping Today Course package
by Tiffany Ma
Ranked 4.54

"Happy Birthday honey!!!" Not again... "Aren't you excited to finally be eighteen?" "No, not really Mum..." "Why not?" I ignored her question and walked out the door. "Happy Birthday Emma," the mailman said as he ...

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