Sample Essays

Teamwork! Course package
by Arya
Ranked 8.9

The chilly night breeze blew past as my scout group layed down our belongings on the prickly, green grass. We took out our group tent and started putting it up without hesitating. I pulled away from the group and prou...

'Fire ghosts' Course package
by EH
Ranked 8.53

One night when the trees were swaying and leaves were all gliding in one direction, 15-year-old Charlotte sat on a large, rough stone facing in towards a bright, flickering fire, with a small smile on her face. The ca...

A Camp Fire Course package
by Miss Bliss
Ranked 7.89

Plan Plot = My campfire gets out of control P1 = The warm campfire P2 = I fall asleep P3 = The campfire gets out of control P4 = I splash water on it Writing I sat in front of my flickering fire, adoring the ...

The Campfire v2
by anonymous
Ranked 7.8

My flames crackled and I broke into a roar. The dazzling shades of red and orange radiated all around me as the campers gathered around enjoying the warmth and ambience. Even though the humans see me as a threat at ...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.24

His hands quickly untied the knot. "A little help, anyone?" Sam called. "Sure" replied his dad and they soon started to put together the tent. After 15 minutes had gone by, Sam and his dad smiled at the finished tent....

Course package
by Tan
Ranked 7.22

We arrived at Specky Woods to set up a base for our camp. I've been eagerly waiting for this break ever since the global pandemic struck. We set up camp by the blue lake and planned to stay for a week. My spirit and h...

by Bryan
Ranked 7.05

My parents and I went camping and the sky was pitch black and so we decided to make a campfire also to roast some delicious treats. Gust of wind cut through the warmth of my coat. I could see a couple of pairs of moon...

The Campfire Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.02

My voice was already getting from the last five minutes of me screaming at my mom to hurry up to drive me to the camp, where I was going to be staying for the next week. I was fairly excited and really wanted to g...

Course package
by 312615🐕‍🦺
Ranked 6.08

The fire danced in the midnight sky dotted with stars, Its aura glowing amber in contrast to the leafy green undergrowth. Red sparks drifted away in the air. It was amazing how serene a landscape could be at night whe...

Campfire Course package
by Nithika
Ranked 5.36

We walked far from home till we reached a forest we kept walking deep into the forest till we were far enough into the woods as we wanted to be. “I think this is a good spot don’t you think Nithika,”Sophia said to...

Camp Fire
by anonymous
Ranked 5.29

It was the 3rd of June, my parents and I were going on a camping trip to Hardscrabble camp. We bought a sleeping bag, tent, sticks and 50 litres of water to last the whole week that we planned to stay at Hardscrabble ...

The Campfire Games Course package
by Layth Nazha
Ranked 5.02

It was 10:32 pm and the sun was down, it was pitch black. The only light appearing was a campfire and 4 people sitting around it at the peaceful Camp Gemfair. Everyone was eating smores happily and were telling spooky...

Monty's campout Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 4.33

"One, two, three, four..." counted Monty. He was counting his clothes. He was going to a campout, rather than always seeing five-star certificates all around. He had bought a huge pop-up tent, a lighter, a king bed wi...

A campfire Course package
by Ryan Waller
Ranked 4.1

Plan * People are hiking and stop for a night. * They decided to light a fire and cook marshmallows and damper. * They make a big camp fire and it get out of control. * They have to empty all the water they had...

Campfire Course package
by saanvi
Ranked 4.0

We were out in the chilly night with no guidance, food or water! With James who was only four! Anne suggested that we should start a campfire so we are ready for the cold night ahead. It had rained very recently so al...

Campfire Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 4.44

I rubbed the twigs together vigorously. Everyone else had magically created a campfire. Why couldn't I do so as well? I was a weak tea, my talk was said to be verbal diarrhoea. I looked at the other scouts' campfires....

by anonymous
Ranked 4.08

The fire roared loudly, like a lion who had just got captured.The smell of burnt marshmallows filled the air, and I could feel the warm fumes touching my skin. But a second later all I could hear was the sound of vomi...

by anonymous
Ranked 4.05

My flames crackled and I broke into a roar. I was hungry. Hungry for my type food! I thought to myself, "I've been a friend to humans ever since the stone age, yet they give me so little in return..." I was fal...

Course package
by Yogith Gudise

Alex went up to his tent to get all the things he needed for the day. He saw lush green grass at the grass bed and flowers blooming blissfully. Rain droplets hit the groud one by one, he felt the endevours of nature. ...

Campfire Course package
by Myrah

Olivia groaned angrily as she stuffed her suitcase into the bus. Painted on the side of the bus was a large sign that read "Currawong's Famous Camp". She rolled her eyes as the counsellor happily skipped to the back o...

a campfire Course package
by Yenni

The breeze blew over the pot making it steam. The campfire struggled as the wind tried to blow it out. Sparks sprayed around and the wind whipped the tent, breaking it. It was the worst time to be alone in the Austral...

The Fire Course package
by anonymous

I stared, mesmerised by the fire's flames rolling through the night breeze that sent sparks flying through the air, crackling and hissing. It was a tremendous contrast to the starless night, which covered all the worl...

The lonely campfire Course package
by Aaron

I sat in the cold, dark night, slowly burning my life source. The place around me seemed perfect for someone to set up camp. It had a nice green field, and some smooth logs placed around me. It would be fantastic if I...

by Bryan

My parents and I went camping and the sky was pitch black and so we decided to make a campfire also to roast some delicious treats. Gust of wind cut through the warmth of my coat. I could see a couple of pairs of moon...

by Rakesh

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