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Smoking must be banned Course package
by Yan
Ranked 8

Nowadays more and more people are smoking but is it good or bad to ban it? I strongly believe that smoking should be banned because it causes disease, it is addictive and it pollutes. Firstly, smoking causes diseas...

Harmful Habits
by xsaber
Ranked 7

Whether smoking is a harmful habit has been a much debated topic. Smoking is a harmful habit as it is bad for your health and secondly, it is really expensive. Smoking is bad for health as it can cause many types o...

Bullying must be made fully illegal Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 6

Bullying must be made fully illegal. Bullying allows people who are not living a good life and wants to take out their rage on innocent people and in most cases get away. Bullies only get in trouble if any serious dam...

YouTube Disturbance
by anonymous
Ranked 4

Do you want your friends, family and especially children to lose their individual selves because of YouTube? YouTube needs to be banned worldwide now. It interrupts the natural lives of human beings. People get real...

Harmful Habits
by Anonymous2010

There are many different harmful habits which can cause big problems sometimes such as littering or bullying but I strongly believe that smoking is the most harmful habit. By smoking you are definitely going to lead y...

Littering Should Be Banned Course package
by kaan ozer

I strongly believe that littering should be banned as it causes many harmful effects on the environment such as harm animals, kill plants and much more. Littering could have permanent effects on the environment if we ...

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