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the best life skill Course package
by Arham Islam
Ranked 7

I strongly believe that friendship is the best life skill because you can make lifelong companions, you will be able to work with your peers better and friends will help you in tough moments. Firstly, if you have the...

reading is the best life skill Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7

In my opinion I strongly believe that reading is the best life skill. Reading is the sole reason people are smart. They can read, and they will get lots of facts and life skills in their head. If you cannot read it ...

Group working skills Course package
by Lakshan
Ranked 7

Their are many different skills in life and can be used to many different types of situations throughout life, but I strongly agree that group working skills makes a person most successful in life. This text will tell...

by anonymous
Ranked 7

The most important life skill is knowing how to use technology. If you are good with technology then it will be easier to get a job as most jobs use computers these days. Knowing how use technology would boost your ...

A Skill that is most useful – Communication Writing Club
by anonymous
Ranked 7

Communication is one of the major skills that people learn in life. It is also one of the most important skills to learn as well. Most things we do such as talking and writing and things we have such as telephones and...

Communication Course package
by LK McFarlane
Ranked 6

Whether it’s sign language or braille, or speaking with your very own mouth, all humans communicate somehow. I believe that this is one of the biggest game changers in the animal kingdom. One reason humans have thrive...

Why knowledge is one of the most useful skills in life. Course package
by Mia
Ranked 6

I believe that knowledge is one of the most useful skills in life because it will help you improve in difficult situations, you can also never buy knowledge also because you can explore and find more answers then now...

The most useful life skill
by xsaber
Ranked 6

Many say that the most important life skill is the computer skill, as we are moving into an era in which we gradually are depending on the internet more and more. However, the most important skill is the communication...

Making Friends is the Best Life Skill Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6

This is an obvious choice. Anyone who was even considering their future life and how great it could be would agree with me. Making friends is most certainly the best life skill to acquire, and though it may take time ...

The Most Useful Skill
by Jasper
Ranked 5

There are many skills in life. There are listening skills, communication skills, computer skills, public speaking skills, sport skills and many others. Skills can be gained through training and experience and each ...

Learn this skill Course package
by enthral

It is vital that everybody should learn public speaking skills.This is because public speaking is used everyday, it is even used when talking to a group of three. Also public speaking is a way of communicating to othe...

Learning a Different Language is a Helpful Skill Course package
by kaan ozer

It is in my belief that people should learn a different language because not everyone speaks English, Chinese, French, etc. Sometimes people have trouble understanding each other because we speak different languages s...

The most important life skill Course package
by Joanne

It is clear that the most important life skill is communication. Everyone needs communication for everyday like at work, school, shops and much more! It is good because of socialising skills, learning and for further ...

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