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Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 8.45

I ran across the pale grass field, trying to get the ball my owner had thrown to me. All I saw was that ball, not caring about my surroundings that would later haunt me. Excitement bubbled up inside of me, my legs ran...

Lost in the woods
by Reedsong
Ranked 8.4

Pacing back and forth with my paws itching to chase the ball, I watch impatiently how my owner picks it up and throws it. I fly tirelessly across the field again and again with paws barely touching the ground and ears...

The Mountain
by anonymous
Ranked 8.21

Staring carefully up to the sky, Blue admired the coarse rocky walls of the tall, large mountain, deciding if he should explore its natural habitat. Blue was a short, brown joyful animal with small pointy ears who was...

A Dog's Loyalty Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.98

The nonagenarian fir trees loomed over a black exuberant, Doberman cross Kelpie dog named Tag and his jolly owner, Ben, as they sauntered through the boreal forest on their daily walk. The autumn breeze swept over the...

Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 7.84

Wolfy jumped up and down, he went outside and raced into the woods. His tailed wagged from side to side as he ran through the forest. He went through some bushes and found himself on the edge of a cliff. As he turned ...

The adventure of Rufus the dog
by Jeff
Ranked 7.73

It was a sunny morning as I, Rufus the dog, was walking around my garden. That's when my eyes caught something the boundary (fence) was open (open gate). I decided to have a sniff (look). I strolled out into the fores...

by Senatsu
Ranked 7.56

Clover wailed for help from the top of a log that was fallen near the height of a locust tree. The view was splendid and the green trees looked very fluffy. The black dog's ears twitched as he heard the echo of his ...

Adventure or lost? Course package
by Yenni
Ranked 7.0

The electric fingers of lightning darted through the starless night. Thunder drummed on the tin roof, John wasn't home, I was alone and afraid. Suddenly, a gust of wind blasted the door open, pots and pans clanged tog...

Ranked 6.94

Walking down to the park, I glanced at a few children who were playing at the park. Instead of acting like normal kids and keep playing in the park, they ran to their parents with a horrid look on heir faces. I do not...

Treasure Island
by Jay
Ranked 6.93

I travelled on my little sailing boat in the great big sea I thought it was going to be a peaceful day, like sitting in paradise but there was yet more to come. I decided to lay down for a bit but I suddenly dozed off...

The Farm Dog Yappy
by AllienK
Ranked 6.92

Yappy the little dog jumped up from his brand new kennel to greet his owner (Farmer Geoff) with a series of excited barks, the man replied darkly in his grouchy manner and walked past indifferent to the dog’s energeti...

An Adventure, Or Lost? Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 6.84

Calvin’s brow’s furrowed, his hands shaking, in close contact with his hiking pole, with only cold sweat separating it. His loyal and trusty dog, Apple, was by his side, aware of Calvin’s worry that created an aura, t...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.68

The dog was playing in the park. Rosie ran around, chasing the ball. Fetch was her favourite game. Amy, her owner would always take her to the park on a Sunday morning to play fetch. The rules were this: Amy throws so...

Lost and Found Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.62

I peered at the sodden ground caked with mud before my paws. How was I ever going to find my owner through this haphazard maze of fallen trees and boulders? I leapt onto the fallen bough of a tree, surveying my surrou...

Me, King Benny
by anonymous
Ranked 6.53

"Benny, come back!" my owner yelled as I dashed down the road on my super Labrador legs. I was headed to the mountains were my wolf ancestors were waiting for me. I reached the edge of town and knew that it would be a...

Lost and helpless Course package
by suba
Ranked 5.03

The mountain rose into the blue, a craggy grey face steeper than Darby had imagined. Leilah trailed behind her, her freckles gone and purple-lipped. "How much longer?", she called out to Darby, who was just a couple o...

by Bryan

My friend and I trotted on the jagged rocks of the brown mountain. A small, black dot was in the distance but the fog made everything vague. But when we got to where the dot originally was it held out its front paw. M...

Course package
by anonymous

The fir trees that looked like they were in the 90-99 loomed over a black cheerful and aluminate scorching sun , Doberman cross Kelpie dog named Tag and his jolly owner, Ben, as they were flawlessly walking through t...

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