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There is a huge amount of pressure to do well and many students start preparations at least 12 months prior to the big day - I've even heard of one child preparing 3 years in advance. There is effective preparation and ineffective preparation. Effective preparation is one which gives your child the best chance in getting in and crucial to that is making sure your child has access to our learning resources - books that will help them do better in the exam.

Unlike other books, we focus on:
  • Straight-to-the-Point Explanations
  • Strategies for different types of questions under time constraints
  • Understanding the logic behind the questions to excel in the exam

In the past, our books have helped students get into schools such as:

  • Macrob also known as MacRobertson Girls' High School
  • Scholarships to Ruyton Girls and Haileybury, SEALP to Balwyn High and other schools (Vic)
  • Melbourne High
  • Suzanne Cory
  • Scholarship to a private Adelaide High School
  • Various NSW selective schools
  • Brisbane State High School
  • Perth Modern School

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We're known for our writing books. Writing is probably the most important to get right in an entrance exam as there are so many ways to fail. For example, structure, grammar, expression, interpretation and more.

We were the first to develop the titles: Like all our books, these titles were specifically designed for high school entrance exams for selective and scholarship tests. They made it easy for students to approach their writing in a straightforward way taking into account tips for time management.

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