Year 12 Chemistry Revision Notes Module 1

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In general, this document (15 pages created in 2012) provides content, analysis and examples behind the course dot points as
outlined in the Board of Studies chemistry syllabus. By breaking down the three core modules
(production of materials, the acidic environment, chemical monitoring and management) into their
subtopics and concepts, and structuring these notes accordingly, the relevant information is provided
in a clear and concise form. With the inclusion of useful diagrams and important molecular formula
presented in a visual manner, the notes should be easily accessible by all students of varying
Year 12 students taking chemistry for the HSC would find this exam preparation material useful as a
comprehensive summary of the fundamentals behind what should be known and learnt for the final
exam. This document can be used as a learning aid, to clarify or even enhance the student’s
knowledge regarding the relevant course content. The notes can also serve as a quick and easy
point of reference when revising for the exam or explaining a particular topic/concept.
NB: This document contains only module 1 for someone preparing for the HSC Chemistry exam,
Modules 2 and 3 are separate downloads.
Table of Contents
Crucial Information to Maximise Performance
1. Fossil fuels provide both energy and raw materials such as ethylene, for the production of other
2. Some scientists research the extraction of materials from biomass to reduce our dependence on
fossil fuels
3. Other resources, such as ethanol, are readily available from renewable resources such as plants
4. Oxidation-reduction reactions are increasingly important as a source of energy.
5. Nuclear chemistry provides a range of materials
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