Year 12 Biology Revision Mind Map - Modules 1 - 3

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Useful for Year 11 -12 HSC Biology students. Students can use this as study material and for revision.

This document consists of 3 pages (created in 2012) and has more than one useful Mind Map. It contains Mind Maps for all 3 Biology
Modules. It can be used as study material and is great for revision!
Module 1: Maintaining a balance and five topics with key points
Enzymes, Maintaining Temperature, Transportation of nutrients, Regulation of water and waste
products and Regulation of Salt
Module 2: Blueprint of lift,
Evolution, Mendel & factors, Alleles, genes DNA & Chromosomes, Deviations from Mendel,
Processes involving DNA, Developing theories of genetics, Genetic technology and engineering
Module 3: The search for better health
Health, disease and cleanliness, disease & microbes, Defence Mechanisms, Immune Response and
Vaccinations, Epidemiology & Non infectious diseases, Prevention and Control
Created by Bo C. ATAR: 99.40


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