Year 12 Biology Revision Notes Module 2

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Useful for Year 11 -12 HSC Biology students. Students can use this as study material and for revision.

This document consists of 10 pages (created in 2012) and contains:
Crucial Information to Maximise Performance
Module 2: Blueprint of life
Evidence of evolution suggests that the mechanisms of inheritance, accompanied by selection, allow
change over many generations
Mendel’s experiments helped advance knowledge of inheritance of traits
Chromosomal structure provides the key to inheritance
Deviations from Mendel’s propositions due to sex linkage, co-dominance & environment
The structure of DNA can be changed and such changes may be reflected in the phenotype of the
affected organism
Developing and debating theories in the scientific community
Current reproductive technologies and genetic engineering have the potential to alter the path of
This document only contains Module 2, Modules 1 and 3 are in separate documents.
This document was created by B.C. ATAR: 99.40


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