One Sample Q & A for an IELTS GT Writing Task 2, Type 3: Problem and Solution in relation to Biodiversity

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This paper can be used as an example as how to write an essay for the Task 2. It should provide a
general guideline about a good answer in terms of structure, ideas and language (formal) used. The
candidate has to keep in mind that this is only one example approaches out of many possibilities.

This document contains a possible answer to an original IELTS Writing Task 2 for General Training.
The answer provided was written in a formal style and can also be used as a guide for IELTS
Academic writing Task 2. Some advice about how to prepare and tackle the Task 2 in the Writing test
are provided before the Sample question. Note: The sample question is a Type 3 question (see
Notes about the Exam in General section). The essay in Task 2 must be of at least 250 words
written in about 40 minutes. Note that the examinee has 60 minutes for the whole Writing Test (Task
1 and Task 2). It is advised to spend 20 minutes on the first part and 40 minutes. Task 2 is worth
twice as much as Task 1 for the candidate’s total score in the Writing test. The students taking the
IELTS test are responsible of managing their own time.
Table of Contents
Crucial Information to Maximise Performance
IELTS Writing task 2 [General training]
Sample Question – Type 3: Problem and Solution in Relation to Biodiversity
Sample Answer – Type 3: Problem and Solution in Relation to Biodiversity
Created by LY, IELTS writing score of 8.0
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