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11+ (11 Plus) Sample Question 1 Plus Worded Solution - Verbal Reasoning

This is our new series where we go through sample questions and solutions.  Going through these types of questions and understanding the logic behind how questions are ‘worked out’ helps you to hone your reasoning ability and doing so helps you cope better for your test.

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11+ Sample Question 2 with Worded Solution - Verbal Reasoning with Similar Meanings

Let’s have a go at this question now….

Which word below is most similar in meaning to the word: GRAVEL

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11+ (Plus) Sample Question 3 on Data and Reading Data with Detailed Solutions

Reading data within tables and graphs is a great skill to develop because it helps you with everyday life (think about bus/train timetables), and also, it appears on some exams such as the 11 Plus, NSW Selective School, VIC selective school, scholarship exams and more.

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11+ (11 Plus) Sample Question 4 Plus Worded Solution – Non-Verbal/Abstract Reasoning

Let’s go through a sample practice question for a non-verbal reasoning question.  We’ll step through the logical reasoning to come to the answer.

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Non-Verbal/Abstract Reasoning Worked Solution 5 - Perfect for 11 Plus, ACER or TACHS

Here’s another non-verbal/abstract reasoning working to help you practice for your exams.  Have you done all the questions?  Here’s another [practice non-verbal reasoning question perfect for the 11 Plus exams if you are doing

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11 Plus (11+) Sample Question and Solution 6 - Short Maths & Doing it Quickly

Short maths in the 11 Plus is one of those areas where you can score quick and easy points.  Miscalculations and reading the question incorrectly are areas in which one can easily end up with the incorrect answer.  So with short maths, make sure you understand the questions and

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11 Plus (11+) Sample Short Maths Question with Sample Answer 7

Here’s a quick one to practice on.  Remember, just like the Question 6, we want to break things down into easily understandable components that are quickly calculated.  So things like 10 + 10 are easy to calculate in

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11 Plus (11+) Sample Question 7 with Answer - Word Rearrangement in Verbal Reasoning

Here’s a sample practice question and solution for verbal reasoning.

Rearrange the words to make the longest sentence that you can. Write down the remaining word was not used in

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11+ Sample Long Maths Question 9 with Detailed Step-by-Step Solution

Here’s a practice question in long maths with detailed step-by-step solution.  Long maths is in the CEM 11+ exam, but mathematics questions like the one below appear in selective school exams and scholarship exams too.  Let’s go through it.

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11+ Sample Question 10 with Answer - Cloze Questions and Fill in the Blanks

Cloze questions are my favourite type of question because you can easily get quick marks for them and it reminds me of primary school activities when you used to find the missing letter.  Cloze questions are common in the 11+ CEM test so we’ll go through one here and show you the approach

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Numerical Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Practice Question with Detailed Solution - Christmas Theme

Because Christmas is fast approaching, we’re going to do Christmas themed practice questions.  There’s four:

  • Numerical reasoning - 1 practice question
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Mathematics Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Practice Question with Detailed Solution - Santa Style!

Here’s a mathematics practice question with a detailed solution you can do:

**If Santa had 1 billion presents to deliver within a 24 hour period on

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2 Verbal Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Sample Questions with Detailed Solution - Christmas Themed

Here are two practice verbal reasoning questions that you can do while on school holidays (and in the lead up to Christmas).  Verbal reasoning questions are common in nearly all selective school tests or scholarship exams so it’s a good way to get a little practice for your upcoming

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How to Answer 4 Commons Types of Reading Comprehension Questions (With Reading Strategies)

If you think that studying for a reading comprehension test is similar to studying for a maths test – you’re wrong!

Reading skills are very different from mathematics skills so "How do you

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Scholarship Test Areas Your Child Must Ace with Practice Questions & Solutions

*Sitting a scholarship test, as many would agree is the most dreaded part of a scholarship application. The exam is hugely competitive with strict time limits in place—as little as 25 minutes is given to write a full essay. Moreover, to be successful in a scholarship test, your

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General Ability Test - Beware 'fake' figures, check direction and figures aren't always unique

General ability tests are notoriously difficult (especially those by ACER—one of the main scholarship and selective school exam writers).

In this post, I’ll run you through two questions and the things your

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1 Crucial Strategy Your Child Needs to Know for Each of the 7 Tests in Scholarships and Selective School Exams

I do a lot of tutoring for selective school and scholarship tests and our online course packages that cover abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, reading

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2 Past Sample Persuasive Writing Prompts for Selective School Entrance Test – Part 1 of 2

The writing test or written expression in a selective entry test is arguably one of the hardest parts of a multi-part test that generally examines reasoning (verbal, numerical), reading and maths.

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6 Steps on How to Teach Your Child to Write an A+ Story and Learn English at the Same Time (Includes 10 Creative Writing Prompts)

Writing creative stories is one of the easiest and simplest ways for your child to learn English (and start building their essay writing skills).

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