Non-Verbal/Abstract Reasoning Worked Solution 5 - Perfect for 11 Plus, ACER or TACHS

Here’s another non-verbal/abstract reasoning working to help you practice for your exams.  Have you done all the questions?  Here’s another practice non-verbal reasoning question perfect for the 11 Plus exams if you are doing them.

Look at the question below and choose one of the options that fits.
















How do we approach this?  By breaking down components into smaller parts and understanding where the pattern lies in the components.  Here’s what I mean, step-by-step:

1) Look at the image overall and in parts to identify patterns.

Overall we see four distinct lines with shapes at the top.  The lines have black dots on them and end with white dots.  Now let’s look at the parts.  Of the shapes at the top, each shape is different (not like another) so that might be one of the rules.  Now, I look at the lines, it seems they’re getting shorter with 1 less black dot as the lines progress.  So that’s a pattern the black dots are -1 for each line.  Now, I look at the end which is that white circle/dot.  I know that it changes positions and alternates.  On the first line it’s on the right, on the second, it’s on the left, on the third, it’s on the left and so forth.  So that’s a pattern there.








2) See which of the options follows the patterns

We know that the end dot must be white, so A is out.

We also know that the black dots are less one for each line after.  See the first line, it has 4 black dots, the 2nd, 3 etc… so given we’re looking at the last line, we should only have NIL black dots.  Therefore option, C & D are out.

That just leaves B & E.  The answer is B.  Why?  Well… because we know that the white circle alternates positions from right to left.  So as this is the 5th line, we have right, left, right, left and then RIGHT!  So B is the correct answer.








Hope the workings to this sample practice non-verbal reasoning question has been useful and please feel free to leave a comment below!

What do you think are the hardest parts to non-verbal reasoning?

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