11+ (11 Plus) Sample Question 4 Plus Worded Solution – Non-Verbal/Abstract Reasoning

Let’s go through a sample practice question for a non-verbal reasoning question.  We’ll step through the logical reasoning to come to the answer.

Non-verbal reasoning is tested in the 11+ (11 Plus) test along with TACHS (American), NSW High School Placement Test, Singaporean Assessment Tests and ACER scholarship tests.  Non-verbal reasoning is used heavily in tests because it measures ability without the verbal component.  There are some strategies and steps that can help you come to the correct answer in non-verbal reasoning (aka abstract reasoning) and we’ll go through some of these.  For more, check out our abstract reasoning course - it’s perfect because it’s principles-based.

Let’s look the the question now.

What option (a-e) would fit the pattern below on the left?







So what’s the solution?

1) Let’s look at the pattern and what’s constant

The pattern has two squares with shapes in the middle.  We know that the two large squares that are white are constant.  What’s not constant is the shape inside.  This is the basis of our knowledge.

2) Look at the answer options while eliminating.

Let’s see what could be and what definitely couldn’t in the quickest way possible.  Option A? Could Be, Option B? No - why? Outside shape is a love heart and we know that the outside shape of a square is constant so B is out and because of this, so is e (also a love heart shape).  So we now have a, c, d.  Can we eliminate another?  Yep! Let’s eliminate d because it doesn’t really go with our constant pattern of two large squares that are white because the option d square is patterned inside.  So we’ve eliminated options b, d and e. 

3) Comparison of answer options against each other to judge which on is ‘more correct’

It is important when going through non-verbal/abstract reasoning questions that you evaluate not only against the pattern provided but also against the options provided to you.  One will be ‘more correct’ than the other and there is usually at least one reason why.  Let’s compare our remaining options - (a) & (c).

What’s different about them?

Well (a) has one shape and (c) has two.  Let’s go back to the pattern, it only has one shape that differs.  In light of that, I’ll go to option (a).

And the correct answer is Option A for this non-verbal/abstract reasoning sample question.

Hopefully, this has helped you with some abstract reasoning/non-verbal reasoning.  Let us know your thoughts below in the comments :-)

Thanks guys!

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