2 Verbal Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Sample Questions with Detailed Solution - Christmas Themed

Here are two practice verbal reasoning questions that you can do while on school holidays (and in the lead up to Christmas).  Verbal reasoning questions are common in nearly all selective school tests or scholarship exams so it’s a good way to get a little practice for your upcoming test.

Here are the questions (below with solutions).

Question 1

Rearrange the words below to make a sentence.

love be can with holiday a you people christmas shared special the that is

What should be the the last word of the sentence formed?

a. Holiday         b. Love        c. Special        d. People

Question 2

Which of the words below do not belong with the others:

a. mail          b. package         c. letter           d. parcel


Solution to Verbal Reasoning Sample Practice Question 1: 

The answer is b. Love.  The sentence can be rearranged to:

Christmas is a special holiday that can be shared with the people you love.

* *

Solution to Verbal Reasoning Sample Practice Question 2: 

The answer is a. Mail.  Package, Letter and Parcel represent something that can be delivered to a person in the mail (especially during Christmas time) whereas the work ‘mail’ refers to the items (package, letter and parcel) that can be delivered.

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Raymond April 03, 2016

I clicked on the "Sample Questions" links, but the same page is returned without any questions. Please provide me with the correct links for the sample questions. Thank you.

Vi from examsuccess.com.au April 05, 2016

Hi Raymond, on this page there are two sample questions. Sample questions are divided into their individual blog posts.

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