11+ Sample Question 2 with Worded Solution - Verbal Reasoning with Similar Meanings

Let’s have a go at this question now….

Which word below is most similar in meaning to the word: GRAVEL

entecar | beg | road | rocks | rocky

I’ll talk (write) through how I’d answer this question.  Remember, the approach to answering questions is important as it helps reduce the time spent on the exam (as your time is limited), but the end result is the one that matters (as it gets you those crucial points).

  1. Look at the word and figure out what type of word it is.

    So… ‘gravel’ is commonly heard to when people are talking about roads and the rocky stuff on roads.  It’s different from the word ‘grovel’ which is used in sentences like ‘grovelling for forgiveness’ which relates to begging for forgiveness.  While grovel is a verb with a totally different meaning to gravel, gravel is a noun.

    1. Eliminate based on your understanding.

      Assume I don’t know what entercar means, I already know that beg is out because beg is a VERB.  Gravel is a noun.  

      entecar | beg | road | rocks | rocky

      We’ve got now, road, rocks and rocky.  Rocky is an adjective so that’s out!

      entecar | beg | road | rocks | rocky

      Now it’s between road and rocks.  I know gravel is on the road but it’s really the rocks on the road which are gravel.  So road is Out! And… I’ve got two things now.

      entecar | beg | road | rocks | rocky

      It’s now between entecar and rocks.  In the safest instance, I’d go with rocks because I know it’s a noun.

      Entecar is reddish-gravel surface used mainly for tennis courts back in the 1960’s.  Whilst entecar may be gravel like, it doesn’t mean gravel in the sense that ‘rocks’ do and the red colour of entecar doesn’t not make it similar as rocks is to gravel as entecar is a specific colour whereas, rocks and gravel do not specify a colour.

      entecar | beg | road | rocks | rocky

      So there you have it…. Rocks is the answer to this verbal reasoning question.

      Have your say…. comment below :-)

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Mia December 18, 2015

Thanks for this! I copied most of your sample questions down (including your solutions) to aid me for when the selective test arrives!

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