Numerical Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Practice Question with Detailed Solution - Christmas Theme

Because Christmas is fast approaching, we’re going to do Christmas themed practice questions.  There’s four:

  • Numerical reasoning - 1 practice question
  • Mathematics - 1 practice questions
  • Verbal reasoning - 2 practice questions

Let’s start with the numerical reasoning practice question:

If the number of toy dolls is double that of the number of toy trucks and the number of toy trucks is half that of the number of toy building bricks, how many toy trucks would there be if the total number of toys in Santa’s bag is 2000?

a. 1000     b. 800     c. 400     d. 200

Have a go at trying to work this question out.  These questions are quite common in numerical reasoning tests and most of the time included in general ability tests as well.

There are a multitude of ways you could work this out e.g. visually, formulae etc….

When you’re ready, look at the solution below.

The Numerical Reasoning Question Detailed Solution:

Let’s set up the question in formula.  Let “b” represent the unknown number of building brick toys.  We use “b” because we want calculate the quantity of one figure that the other figures (like dolls and trucks) depend on. So building bricks is suitable.

(2 x 0.5b) + (0.5b)+ (b) = 2000 -> The first set of brackets represent the dolls, the second the trucks and the third being the building blocks.  We make the sum of these three things equal 2000.

b + 0.5b + b = 2000 -> Then we simplify the calculation

2b + 0.5b = 2000 -> Simplify further…

2.5b = 2000 -> That’s simple enough, so let’s reverse calculate and find what “b” is equal to.

b = 2000/2.5 -> Do the calculation…

b = 800 -> So building blocks is equal to 800.  Therefore, from here, we can calculate the others

Toy building bricks = 800, Toy trucks = 400 (being 1/2 of the building block quantities), Toy dolls = 800 (being double of the toy truck quantities).  You can also double check that your calculations are correct by adding all the quantities together = 800 + 400 + 800 = 2000.  Bingo!  It adds to 2000.

Because the answer is wanting the number of toy trucks, that would be solution option C. 400

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