Selective School/Scholarships - Grade 7 - Advice Style Writing (To be decommissioned)

Please note that this area has been replaced with Open Response Writing. Please go to the link for Open Response Writing as essays you write there can be scored. This area will be decommissioned shortly.

This page contains NEW writing prompts on ‘advice-style’ writing. Advice-style writing was seen in a sample exam paper on the NSW selective schools’ website for their new format exam. The new format NSW selective school exam starts in 2021 in paper format and is expected to go wholly online in 2022.

Please note that as these are new prompts, if you choose to redeem your existing allocation of scoring and feedback on an essay written to this prompt, please note well that:

  • NO scoring will be provided on the essay. You effectively forfeit your essay scoring. Why can't we score essays on these prompts? Scoring is done in a controlled manner using 52-points and is heavily tested before being deployed. It is not yet ready for use and will likely not be ready for another 6-12 months. However,

  • An essay feedback video will be provided that spans 6-10 minutes covering 2 to 3 areas of the following available areas of evaluation: meeting prompt requirements, selection of ideas, organisation of ideas, structure of written piece, sentence formation and grammar.

Catering to different dietary requirements

**IMPORTANT:** This is a N…

Local transport options

**IMPORTANT:** This is a N…

Major local event

**IMPORTANT:** This is a N…

New club formation

**IMPORTANT:** This is a N…

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