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This is a preview checkpoint so you can see how the courses work and if they're a right fit for you. Watch the video now to see how courses work.

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About the Courses

Let's talk a bit about the courses:

  • The focus is on problem solving (a 21st century skill & transferable skills), not rote learning.
  • Convenient 24/7 access for the duration of your course access period.
  • Comprehensive - video, content and practice questions all in one spot.
  • Reinforced learning - watch videos and do questions again as many times as you need during your access period to boost and reinforce your learning.

You're in good hands. The courses have been developed:

  • By high achievers - ATARs in the top 5% and former selective school and scholarship receipients.
  • With experience - Exam Success has been preparing students for competitive entrance exams for 8+ years now.
  • And tested - Students who have used the course previously have gained scholarship and selective school entry for Year 7 entry all the way to Year 10. Therefore, we are confident of their ability to assist you.
  • With up-to-date insight - while certain things don't change, there are new questions from recent exams that have been included to help you get the competitive edge in your test preparation.

Who are the courses best suited to?

They're best for students who:

  • Can work independently. Some students do use the courses with a tutor (you can also book a tutor here and one-off bookings are welcome).
  • Have time. Each course does have a lot of content and we recommend spending on average 37 hours to complete one course.

How the Courses Work

Each course is set up in a series of checkpoints (like chapters) and these checkpoints take you through key areas of the course. You're looking at a (preview) checkpoint right now!

First, there's a video and then there's written information that you should know for a particular checkpoint.

In general, there there are 10 questions to be completed for each checkpoint from checkpoint 1 through to checkpoint 17. The final checkpoint, checkpoint 18, is a final exam. Each checkpoint question has worked solutions and explanations to maximise your learning whether it be via text or video.

For certain subjects, like writing, checkpoint questions are usually in the form of a printable PDF document, while other multiple choice subjects, like maths, utilise our online teaching test bank, which lets you practice with timed and untimed mode, allowing to to keep track of your score.

You can see the course structure (the checkpoints) of each of the 8 individual courses by clicking on a course name below:

You can purchase courses individually, or get savings through bundling individual courses of your choice in a group package. Group packages are available for: 4 courses, 5 courses, 6 courses, 7 courses or 8 courses. A guide to help you select courses based on your exam can be found here.

In the final part of this preview checkpoint, you're going to test out 10 questions - 2 each of reading comprehension, mathematics, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning.

Let's practice now!

10 questions

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