Improve your writing skills and ace your test.

Our online writing improvement programs have been proven to help students get higher scores and have been used for:

  • General English language writing improvement
  • Selective school writing tests
  • Scholarship written expression exams
  • NAPLAN writing tests
  • IELTS General and Academic writing
Find out how you can improve your writing—the smart and easy way...

Bad writing leads to your school, job or migration application being REJECTED.

How many times have you or your child missed out on an amazing opportunity—like the perfect job, a scholarship or entry into your ideal school, just because of bad writing?

If you or your child haven't yet sat a writing exam, don't risk it—we get emails all the time looking for help AFTER someone has failed their exam (and not prepared for it), but at that point, it's just too late.

See how this REAL student's writing changed from one paragraph (fail) to a full essay with 4 paragraphs (pass) after we helped him prepare for a very important test:

Proof that writing club works! With REAL writing club student

Not everyone is so lucky.

Here are real life examples of people who have contacted us for help AFTER they have lost opportunities, just because of bad writing.

ielts-fail-goal-band-7-ielts selective-school-missed-out-test-rejection

Your success has to do with writing—when you apply for a job (application letter & resume), when you apply for migration to an English speaking country (IELTS) or when you want to get into that special school (there's likely to be a written expression exam).

English writing is a 21st century skill that is crucial for your success or your child's success.

But... many don't ever see their writing improve to the level they want, and need.

They waste time on the wrong classes, get the wrong tutor and don't get targeted help. It's a common problem we see:

Struggling to improve writing Writing improvement is hard

At Exam Success, we've made writing improvement easy with a learning program called Writing Club (watch a quick video to see how it works) that focuses on practice, expert video feedback and targeted masterclass videos to help you or your child improve writing, step-by-step.

The program has proven success in helping people pass their exams and get entry into schools and jobs! In fact, Child Genius 2018 (SBS) competition winner, Nathan, used Exam Success' writing club - see the Sydney Morning Herald article here .

See more student reviews:

Exam Success Writing Club writing improvement review by Rakshana Exam Success Writing Club writing improvement review by Anoushka Exam Success Writing Club writing improvement review by Uma

How does writing club work?

Watch the video below to see how you or your child can improve writing with writing club:

Our online writing program is convenient and our students have seen real improvement. See how our students have improved their score:

Score improvement with writing club

Ready to improve your own writing or the writing of your child? See available writing club plans to get started.

Expert Video Feedback, Scoring & Writing Prompts and Sample Essays

Writing club combines expert feedback with writing practice to ensure that the writing you do leads to an improvement.

See examples of expert writing feedback videos that students have received:

7-year old girl gets expert video feedback for NAPLAN Grade 3 Writing test preparation.

Expert helps boy with written expression for multiple 2020 selective school and scholarship tests.

Want to get real insight and improve your own writing? Find available writing club plans to get valuable expert writing help!

Depending on the plan you select, in writing club, students improve their writing with:

  • 52-point scoring - Never has scoring become so accurate that it can pinpoint your weakness out of 52 different criteria. Our unique writing feedback software gives your writing a score along with a profile on your major weakness areas. Know exactly where your writing is losing marks.
  • Expert Video Feedback - Once you know where you're losing marks, find out HOW you can improve your writing. Our experts guide you through WHAT you need to do to improve your writing in an easy to understand 8-14 minute video.
  • Masterclass videos - 96 dedicated writing videos will help you ace your writing test. Masterclass videos that target your weak areas will help improve your writing and there are videos covering different areas from structure to expression with some even including templates for you to print out and keep.
  • Members only access to sample essays & prompts - Find out what makes a good essay and what you should avoid doing by accessing a pool of sample essays written by real students (and review the accompanying feedback). These sneak peeks alone (as parents and students have told us) have given test candidates great insight into what works and what doesn't.

You can access writing club anywhere where there’s a device with Internet access. Access to writing club is through one price per cycle (a cycle is typically 31 days unless advised otherwise) and there are no lock-in contracts. We do not automatically deduct your card or extend your subscription. You have full control over whether you would like to extend and when to extend.

Improve your writing and get the score you need for school entry, job entry or migration!

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Have more questions? Just check out the FAQs

Find a Writing Club Plan to Improve Your Writing.

Your writing improvement starts now! Writing Club is a flexible and convenient program where you only pay per cycle & you choose if/when to extend access.

Expert Video Feedback Package

Want to know if your child's writing will pass or fail? Get expert video feedback on their writing while they learn from masterclass videos.

Your child will be able to request on 5 of their essays:

  • Scoring using our 52-point scoring system that pinpoints 5 areas where they’re losing marks in a scoring panel.
  • Expert video feedback that explains how they can improve on the two major weaknesses in their writing.

You can see an example of scoring and expert video feedback on a real essay here.

In addition, your child will have unlimited access to a library of 96 masterclass videos (viewable online via the website) while their writing club is active. A full listing of available masterclass videos can be found here.

The cycle for this writing club is 31 days.

Note well that this plan does not include live online tutor-led writing club sessions

What happens after you purchase?

First, check your email for log in details. We’ll get in touch with you to complete your exam details and set up your writing club dashboard with prompts that are suitable for your exam. Once your writing club has been activated, you’ll complete an essay and request feedback. When you get your feedback, we'll add masterclass videos to address the weaknesses identified. And then, you continue on writing the next prompt, incorporating all the learning you’ve gained to improve your score each time!

The price above is inclusive of 10% GST. If you are purchasing for use outside of Australia, at checkout, you'll be charged the amount without GST
$AU176.00 per cycle

Writing Improvement Videos by Exam Success [FREE]

How to use the right tense for IELTS writing.

How to start sentences for IELTS letter writing.

How to 'show' not 'tell' in narrative / creative writing.

Written expression in selective tests (masterclass video).

Writing Club FAQs by Real People...

What are the terms and conditions of writing club?

You can find our general terms and conditions on the website and specifically, additional terms and conditions relating to reading and writing clubs can be found in the FAQs sections and here.

What are the delivery times on returning essay feedback? When can I expect to receive feedback on my essay that I submitted for ranking and feedback?

We have 1 essay feedback return day each week: Saturday. To get your feedback by the return day, you'll need to submit your essay for scoring and feedback by 8pm (Melbourne/Sydney time) of the previous day. So, for example, to get your feedback by Saturday, you'll need to submit your essay for scoring and feedback anytime up to 8pm Friday. If any of these days falls on an Australian national public holiday, your essay feedback would be sent on the next business day. If you require your essay feedback urgently, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you. During peak season, we have more frequent essay feedback return days.

How does it work after I order?

After your order, you'll be sent an email with your log in details and instructions on how to get started.

Can this be only done for exams or can it be done for general improvement?

Writing Club can be done for general improvement aswell as exams. In fact, Writing Club can help you maintain and build up your writing skills over time. Remember writing is a creative skill and it takes time to build up this skill. Think about tennis, in order to improve, you keep practicing. It's the same with writing.

When should I start writing club compared to the date of my exam?

This really depends on your writing level. If you're getting Cs, I'd start at least a year before and if you're getting As then probably 2-3 cycles prior would be good. Remember, that Writing club is ongoing and writing improves with time so the earlier the better - you can also do it as regular program and extend each time.

How does access work?

Writing Club is accessed through a payment per cycle (a cycle period is usually 31 days unless advised otherwise). You pay for each cycle period of access.

Does my access to videos, practice sessions and writing feedback carry through if I don’t use them in that cycle?

No. Access is per cycle and by subscription. There are no carry overs.

Are there refunds if you don’t use your access?

Your subscription pays for access, not usage. After the end of the cycle period, your access stops and if you wish to renew, you just click on the extend access button and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan. Your subscription fees for the current cycle are generally non-refundable, subject to law.

What if I don’t need writing club for a specific cycle because I’m going on holidays? Can I pause it?

Of course! At the moment, writing club is paused after the cycle period ends. If you're on holidays, just don't click extend access for that next cycle.

What happens to my access if I pause or cancel?

If your plan is inactive (not extended), you will not be able to access any videos, practice sessions or writing ranking and feedback during the pause period. If you close your account, your learning plan will no longer be available.

How many masterclass videos are there to choose from and how long is each masterclass video?

There are 96 masterclass videos that you can choose from and each video is at least 30 minutes in duration. There will be 46 masterclass videos covering argumentative/persuasive writing, 46 masterclass videos cover creative writing and 1 masterclass video each on time strategy and major tips for each of NAPLAN Year 3 & 5, NAPLAN Year 7 & 9, Selective schools tests and scholarship test.

What happens with writing ranking and feedback? Is it anonymous?

Writing pieces, ranking and insights through Expert Writing Insights is publicly available, however, when you sign up, we allocate an anonymous username to your account so that you’re not publicly identified. You can change this name to anything you like as long as it is appropriate.

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